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Muller Martini Ventura and VenturaConnect take thread-sewing quality and efficiency to superior levels

Press release from the issuing company

May 19, 2005 -- Despite shrinking run lengths and lower profit margins in book and brochure production, thread sewing is experiencing a true renaissance. Along with this rebirth, quality is in greater demand than ever, and of course, so is fast turnaround. Fact is, every book manufacturer dreams of producing tightly sewn book blocks at high production speed. To realize these dreams, Muller Martini offers the Ventura thread sewing machine as well as VenturaConnect, an innovative interconnecting system that enables up to three Ventura machines to be combined to produce thread-sewn book blocks and brochures with the greatest efficiency. Ventura – thread sewing at its finest Enhanced capabilities For many decades, Muller Martini thread sewing machines have enjoyed a reputation for their high standards of excellence. With the Ventura, Muller Martini offers an improved thread sewing machine that also delivers maximum flexibility. Even problematic and ultra-light signatures can be processed with high efficiency, achieving a top quality product. Superior versatility and performance Ventura’s highly diverse product size range allows multiple-up production and makes the Ventura suitable both for hard and soft cover products. Whether producing children’s books, Bibles, art books or a wide range of other projects...the Muller Martini Ventura makes a significant difference in book sewing performance. High productivity With Ventura, speeds from 8 to 200 cycles per minute can be achieved for all stitch types without blind stitch. This translates into a throughput of up to 12,000 signatures per hour. Tightest stitching quality Ventura’s two-part sewing saddle enables signatures to be processed at up to 200 cycles per minute. Reliability is another benefit of the new signature control. The signatures are not “shot” against the stop at high speed, they are instead guided gently and decelerated to the stop. Thus, thin stock can be processed reliably and without wrinkles. The patented Muller Martini stitch loop formation, with the aid of a controllable air stream, eliminates the mechanical gripper mechanism. Threading is simplified by a compressed-air assisted threading device, significantly shortening makeready time. The unique stitching technique without blind stitches not only enhances the performance, but ensures short and welded thread loops. Modular opening system Due to its opening system with the modular principle 4 + 4 plus 1 with a total of eight rotating telescopic suckers and a programmable double sword, Ventura reliably opens all signature types, with or without high or low folio. In addition, for processing onionskin paper with a weight as low as 22g/m2 with high or low folio, Muller Martini offers a special light-stock opening device that can be installed with just a few adjustments. Thin and porous stocks without high or low folio can be opened with Ventura suckers. Menu-guided touchscreen operation Ventura’s simple, menu-guided user interface with fault diagnostic and production data collection can be easily mastered without computer experience. Other important production benefits include immediate access to all stored data, enabling fast and productive handling of repeat orders or jobs prepared in advance. VenturaConnect – delivering the most efficient production of thread-sewn brochures and book blocks Ability to combine three Ventura machines To optimize efficient, automatic production of thread-sewn brochures and book blocks, up to three Ventura-type thread sewing machines and its predecessor model, the InventaPlus, can be combined into one interconnected system utilizing Muller Martini VenturaConnect technology. Save money, increase profit potential VenturaConnect is an incredibly simple yet efficient solution for significantly lowering the production cost of thread-sewn products. Signature gathering, stacking and subsequent processing into thread-sewn book blocks can all be accomplished in a single process. With Muller’s new VenturaConnect solution, producers of thread-sewn products can save time and labor while reducing waste...substantially lowering costs. Modular design, easily scalable The VenturaConnect system features a modular design that can efficiently operate in a basic configuration with one gathering machine and a thread sewing machine. The modular design chosen by Muller Martini allows the system to be upgraded in the field with a second or third thread sewing machine at a later date. For two-up production utilizing the VenturaConnect solution, Muller Martini offers the 1573 gathering machine with three stations per element. Inline production or solo operation The gathered signatures are taken via an inclined infeed to the signature stacker where stacks are pressed, turned and then transferred gently to the transport trolley. The loaded transport trolleys form a buffer zone from which the signature stacks are transferred fully-automatically on demand to the thread sewing machines. The buffer zone compensates stops of the gathering or sewing machine to increase efficiency of the system. As an alternative, gathered signature stacks can also be removed manually from the buffer so that non-interconnect machines can be fed manually. Maximum flexibility The design of the Connect system is so flexible that inline operation, as well as offline operation, are both feasible. This allows sequential setup and makeready of different thread-sewing machines, shortening overall makeready time. Also possible is the simultaneous production of smaller runs while a different product is being produced on the remainder of the interconnected system.