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EFI and Adobe Deliver Industry's First Creation-to-Fulfillment JDF Integration

Press release from the issuing company

PHILADELPHIA--May 18, 2005-- EFI, the world leader in digital imaging and print management solutions for commercial and enterprise printing, today announced an information connectivity breakthrough, the Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition to EFI Fiery and EFI Fiery JDF Connector -- the industry's first Creation-to-Fulfillment Job Definition Format (JDF) integration for print jobs. Available via download at efi.com, the Connector allows EFI's Fiery server and MIS customers and graphics artist professionals using Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition to achieve accurate, more efficient and profitable print production workflow - from a job's start to its finish and accounting. JDF technology is the open industry standard for print job tickets, delivering increased value and productivity to customers by automating digital workflows. JDF connectivity facilitates the movement of job details, including job numbers, descriptions, parts information, colors, production counts, and start and stop time, in real time. JDF connectivity between Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition and EFI Fiery Q series print servers transforms the graphic arts professional's print product definition (intent) for a particular job into print processing instructions, carrying job intent and instructions from concept through completion. The JDF connection to EFI Fiery Q series print servers lets Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition users immediately deliver print instruction details, such as the type of finishing required, the number of pages needed, ink settings for the job as well as the print buyer's delivery information. The EFI-JDF-Fiery connector also bridges the communication gap between creative, production and management information services. Jobs submitted from Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition to the Fiery server can be registered into the EFI MIS system, allowing for precise accounting. In addition, this new workflow enables the EFI MIS system to define and submit jobs to the Fiery server. The job definition specifications need not be bound to specific content when a project is submitted. Rather, the EFI-JDF-Fiery connection allows for late binding of the content to the job instruction. This valuable connection enables instantaneous job and device tracking as well as detailed pre- and post-calculation of print jobs. "The new JDF-Adobe-Fiery-MIS connections we announced today reaffirm EFI's commitment to open standards connectivity. Like all EFI solutions, this connectivity is designed to help our customers be more productive and increase their profitability by reducing errors in the production workflow through automation," said Ghilad Dziesietnik, chief technology officer at EFI. "The software components of Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition are tightly integrated to simplify creative and production tasks so graphic arts professionals can work more efficiently," said Don Walker, general manager, Publishing Technologies and Services at Adobe. "The JDF connection between Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition to EFI Fiery print servers and MIS systems eases the final steps in the creation process, allowing creative professionals to more effectively communicate critical instructions for a successful print run." EFI is a partner member of CIP4, the standards organization behind the JDF initiative, and has participated in every CIP4 JDF interoperability test forum. The Fiery Q Series The Fiery "Q" server-class range breaks all previous speed records and delivers the highest level of performance for outputting the most complex documents. The Fiery Q5000 comes standard with a range of the most advanced production tools designed to optimize the Fiery's power and eliminate labor intensive activities. This extremely high-performance system exceeds expectations of production class users and provides them with optimal solutions to continually accelerate productivity while conserving resources, especially engine and operator time. Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition is a unified design environment that combines full new versions of Adobe Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2, InDesign CS2, and GoLive CS2 -- with the all-new Version Cue CS2. It also introduces the Adobe Stock Photos service, Adobe Bridge and includes the recently released Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional. Availability The Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition to EFI Fiery and EFI Fiery JDF Connector will be available via download at efi.com in late June, 2005.