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Esko-Graphics announces release of new version ArtiosCAD 6.5

Press release from the issuing company

Gent (Belgium), May 2005 – Esko-Graphics, the market leader in integrated packaging pre-production solutions, announces the release of ArtiosCAD 6.5, a major update to the leading structural design software for packaging. The update focuses on expanding ArtiosCAD’s new features for graphics and 3D modeling. ArtiosCAD is Esko-Graphics’ flagship and the industry’s most popular computer aided packaging design (CAD) software. ArtiosCAD provides structural designers a tool for conceptual design, product development, and ‘live’ prototyping. The product provides users with an extensive library of standard designs, or users can draft their own designs from scratch. As one of the core components of Scope, the Esko-Graphics end-to-end packaging workflow, ArtiosCAD is the ideal product for corrugated and folding carton designers. ArtiosCAD 6.5 is tightly focused on extending the advantages of using 3D modeling in structural design, by including significant extensions to the existing 3D Designer module. This module was introduced in version 6.0 to create a variety of 3D models of common packaging products such as cans, bottles, glasses and bags. In ArtiosCAD 6.5, 3D Designer has been significantly enhanced with more tools for creating structural designs directly from the 3D environment. Packaging designers often think in 3D, but must typically draw a structural design on a 2-dimensional "drawing board". Now designers can actually create packaging designs in 3D. Users can start with a CAD design of a product model, and automatically resize a standard ArtiosCAD design to fit the product – or fit a design from the user’s library. The Cross Section and Intersection tools allow users to create internal supporting fittings and windows that follow the product's shape. 3D Connection, a new module of ArtiosCAD 6.5, is the tool that brings these product models to ArtiosCAD, assisting designers with creating packaging that accurately fits the product. Users can import a wide variety of industry standard 3D formats, including IGES, STEP, CATIA, and Pro Engineer. Using the ArtiosCAD 3D tools, users can create virtual prototypes and presentations that include the product and its packaging. 3D Connection is an option, priced as an import "engine", with a selection of file format filters. As their needs grow, customers can purchase one or more of the individual import filters that support the engine. To enable all this new 3D technology, ArtiosCAD's 3D rendering engine has been completely redesigned. The new rendering engine utilizes OpenGL or Direct3D rendering technology built into the graphics cards of the workstation. Users select between the two rendering modes, depending on which technology their hardware supports. This new rendering engine delivers a number of other features to the ArtiosCAD user, including the ability to specify lighting conditions and setting options on individual objects so that they have a shiny and/or transparent appearance. “Our new 3D technologies are extremely important for the packaging supply chain. With 3DDesigner, designers are able to fit packaging directly to product, using the CAD product designs they receive from brand managers. And with the help of 3D Connection, they can easily develop ‘virtual prototypes’ that are so realistic that they reflect light or demonstrate transparent windows,” remarks Susie Stitzel, Esko-Graphics CAD Product Manager. “These tools accelerate the design process and provide a much better vision of a package before expensive samples or dies are produced.” ArtiosCAD 6.5 is currently available through Esko-Graphics and its reseller network.