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New Oce PRISMAsatellite for Office Enables Enterprise Printing Strategy

Press release from the issuing company

BOCA RATON, Fla., May 3 -- Oce, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, today announced the general availability of Oce PRISMAsatellite for Office software, an integrated component of the Oce PRISMA workflow software architecture that replaces Oce Office Exec software. The new product delivers cost savings for office managers, reduces IT help desk calls, and simplifies printing, scanning and copying for users in corporate office environments. "Fax machines, copiers, scanners, monochrome and color printers routinely churn out reams of documents, while generating substantial costs, yet most enterprises are unable to track or manage their true costs to print in networked office environments," said Joyce Virnich, Vice President of Marketing for Oce Digital Document Systems. "With intelligent document routing and personal scan directories, Oce PRISMAsatellite can simplify the production process for office workers, reduce IT workload, and help office managers accurately track and monitor document production costs." Enterprises can use Oce PRISMAsatellite for Office to create a unified corporate printing strategy capable of supporting both Oce and non-Oce desktop, corridor and high-production devices with a single point of control. Users can access exactly the devices they need, while the organization saves money as print volumes are routed to printers best suited for the work, resulting in more efficient, lower cost printing for large jobs. Oce PRISMAsatellite improves print behavior by automatically routing jobs and generating statistics on printing, faxing, converting and scanning. These reports help managers more accurately monitor document production costs and charge them appropriately to users, projects or cost centers. As a result, CFOs and other financial executives can gain a better understanding and control of their enterprise printing expenses than was possible before. The reports can also be valuable for determining the right equipment mix and locations, and planning for future printing needs. Oce PRISMAsatellite can send faxes and convert documents to Adobe Acrobat PDF format as well. It can also be linked to Oce Document Manager archiving systems and Oce Doc Works Pro for electronic submission to the in- house printshop workflow, further extending enterprise document efficiency. Unified Print Driver Simplifies Enterprise Printing A multitude of output devices in enterprises have created more complexity for end users, who are burdened with acquiring print drivers, setting up the correct print paths through a myriad of corporate print servers, selecting the right output device, and hoping the device has paper and is not being serviced. Low-volume desktop printers are too often the default option, although they are costly, slow and service-intensive. In addition, most IT departments spend an inordinate amount of time resolving print-related problems. Oce PRISMAsatellite for Office features a single innovative unified print driver that eliminates these problems for end users, IT managers and business controllers by automatically routing jobs to the best output device based on highly customizable rules. Oce's unified driver automatically routes jobs to the most appropriate and closest Oce or non-Oce printer. Printer selections are based on document attributes instead of device function, but users still have full access to all printing devices for their work. With Oce PRISMAsatellite for Office, IT does not need to manually distribute native drivers to end users, and new printers are added just once to the print server, where users can access them instantly without needing to install new drivers. As a result, printer use is greatly simplified for end users, and help desk calls and IT support costs are reduced. Another key feature is the new Personal Document Space, which provides private, convenient, centralized monitoring and storing of an individual's printed jobs and scanned images. People can work more productively because they can quickly scan, retrieve and print any of their stored personal documents with minimal effort and without the inconvenience of locating printed hardcopies.

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