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German Software Innovator Enters North America

Press release from the issuing company

April 28, 2005, Menomonee Falls, WI. - diron GmbH & Co. KG of Muenster, Germany today announced its first customer installation in North America of its print4media software system. With over 100 customers in Europe for it's variable digital printing web storefront or "marketing on demand" software, diron is the most widely used and perhaps the most proven software in its class. Since 1991 diron has been developing variable print and online custom software applications for large corporations and organizations. For instance, since 1998 the Direkt Marketing German postal service, (Deutsche Post), uses a customized diron software to allow both professional corporate clients and even consumer-level customers to enter personalized direct mail orders, including content files and mailing lists, that are printed at 20+ locations around the country, same day, for immediate entry into the postal system. In late 2003 diron began productizing and selling its software as a commercial product. Due to its lineage, diron's print4media system has a simple, highly customizable, and easy-to-use customer interface that runs on top of a highly sophisticated system and artificial intelligence engine. PLUS Digital Print LLC is a NexPress user that was looking to compliment its sales focus from strictly digital printing to providing customers with tools they can use to improve their own marketing and customer response. PLUS Digital Print LLC considered the top six competing systems on the market but selected the new comer to North America, print4media. "The more we learned about print4media, the more we realized how much more mature and robust diron's solution is compared to other products on the market," said Todd Thompson, COO of PLUS Digital Print LLC. "We don't need an IT professional or programmer to set up and manage customer solutions. There is no scripting language or code, just a graphic user interface that we can train our existing staff to use. Furthermore, there was one set price for the entire system with no per seat or per user charges. The print4media system has a disarmingly simple interface that we can customize to meet any customer's needs." PLUS Digital Print LLC of Menomonee Falls, WI (just outside of Milwaukee) is a sister company of C-t-PLUS, Inc. and both were founded by industry notable Dennis Redman. Redman, who likes to capitalize on new or developing technology, was a pioneer of computer to plate (CTP) production and former co-chair of the national CTP Users' Group. C-t-PLUS also demonstrated the first live use of the Remote Director monitor proofing system from Integrated Color Solutions for an off site color approval. "It's not like I'm out just looking for something to spend my money on. I see this nice press in our shop and realize that our customers don't care if their printing is done on the NexPress or another press; what they are interested in is ways to reach their own customers and get a response. Digital printing is a great technology, but our customers do not reach out to their customers with digital printing opportunities...that's not their business. With print4media we can create customer store fronts that save customers time and allow them to reach out to their own customers with marketing on demand materials faster and more economically," said PLUS Digital Print LLC and C-t-PLUS, Inc. Founder Dennis Redman. Chris Hause, Vice President of Manufacturing for PLUS Digital Print LLC, has been instrumental in working with one of C-t-PLUS's customers in the development of personalized marketing cards that mail with the customer's product catalogs. "Each marketing card includes a customer service representative's phone number, picture and a specific message to their customers. These personalized cards also include mailing addresses and are placed with a catalog in a polybag ... no special mailing service required," said Ms. Hause. "By adding a face to the mailer, customers can better relate to their assigned representative and our customer's sales have jumped as a result of this application. That's what customers want out of marketing on demand solutions." Jim Harvey represents diron in North America and is helping the company get a foothold in the U.S. "I know that the evolution of printer e-commerce tools for online order taking to more service oriented digital storefront services and systems is taking hold in the U.S. printing market," said Harvey. "A few years ago, all printers were struggling with how to sell digital printing and the answer is that you don't, you sell solutions for your customers and that means that you must be much more flexible than any simple order taking software system can be. I was introduced to the co-founders of diron at drupa (the printing industry's largest tradeshow) last year and I quickly realized what a find they are. They are providing today what most companies hope to offer in a few years." "To a large extent, diron has grown by word of mouth in Germany and Europe as a whole, but that type of growth isn't likely to cross the Atlantic." said Thomas L. Rödding, President of diron. "I'm glad that we have our first installation and I hope that soon we'll see the same momentum here in the U.S. and Canada as we have back in Germany. Of course we've had to translate the manuals and interfaces to English and make other changes such as adding barcodes for U.S.P.S. processing and so forth, but the underlying power of our software and the simplicity of our end user interface provides printers and in-house print shops with great value...and that translates well!"