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Enhancements Extend Functionality of Oce VarioPrint 5000 Series

Press release from the issuing company

PHILADELPHIA, May 17 -- Oce, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, today announced a number of enhancements to the Oce VarioPrint 5000 series of cut-sheet digital printers. The new Oce VarioPrint 5000advanced version incorporates the Oce PRISMAproduction(TM) workflow software and server directly into the printer for greater ease of use, and adds seamless Xerox DigiPath(TM) compatibility to support existing applications without modification. The latest addition to the product line, the new 135-ppm Oce VarioPrint 5140 system rounds out the mid-range speed offering for the Oce VarioPrint 5000 family. In addition, enhanced 600 dpi MICR toner is now available for the product line and can be combined with highlight color to give users the unique ability to add color to sensitive MICR applications. "The latest enhancements give customers one product that really does it all, with plenty of upgrade flexibility and a migration path to ensure they can build on the Oce VarioPrint 5000 platform as their needs expand. Users no longer have to rely on multiple, dedicated machines for highlight color, MICR, jobs programmed with Xerox DigiPath and other applications," said Joyce Virnich, Vice President of Marketing for Oce Digital Document Systems. Oce VarioPrint 5000advanced Available as an option for all Oce VarioPrint 5000 models, the Advanced version puts Oce PRISMAproduction server hardware and software directly into the printer, allowing printer and workflow control from one central point, so operators quickly check status, identify problems and make adjustments. All Oce VarioPrint 5000 functionality is maintained within the Advanced version, including highlight and CustomTone color, MICR, interposing, and stitching, but the capabilities can now be conveniently controlled from one location. Operators only have to learn one interface to better manage workflow. To further increase ease of use and save time, the default Graphical User Interface (GUI) can toggle between printer functionality and the job. Seamless Xerox DigiPath Compatibility The Oce PRISMAproduction front end supports multiple PDLs, including AFP/IPDS, LCDS/Metacode, Adobe PostScript, PDF, TIFF, and PPML data streams. This comprehensive data stream compatibility greatly enhances the value of the Oce VarioPrint 5000 systems for convergent environments that must support transaction applications, as well as PostScript jobs that might be running on existing Xerox DocuTech(TM) devices. The Advanced option includes built-in Oce DPconnect software for seamless integration with existing Xerox DigiPath or XDS workflow, and to provide an option for customers seeking alternatives to their Xerox DocuTech devices. With the new Advanced option, there are no obstacles to replacing less functional digital systems with one-dimensional output capabilities with the broad versatility of the Oce VarioPrint 5000 family and without requiring modification to existing Xerox, IBM, HP or other printing workflow. New Speed Version Rounds Out Product Family The Oce VarioPrint 5000 line now includes three speed choices of 108, 135 and 155 ppm, with monthly print volumes ranging from 300,000 to 2 million. The new 135 ppm (letter) Oce VarioPrint 5140 addresses the middle ground between the 108 ppm Oce VarioPrint 5115 and the 155 ppm Oce VarioPrint 5160 and expands the migration path for customers as their output requirements grow. The 108 and 135 ppm machines provide investment protection with their simple field upgrades to the 155 ppm model. Like the Oce VarioPrint 5160 and 5115 models, the Oce VarioPrint 5140advanced can satisfy many different print environments, including corporate print departments, transactional applications, and print-for-pay operations. The new system supports customers' growing need for convergence- capable devices, as well as the requirement to support existing Xerox DocuTech and DocuPrint workflow without modification. Media Enhancements Expand Applications for Oce VarioPrint 5000 The enhanced 600 dpi MICR toner now available for Oce VarioPrint 5000 systems, coupled with the new engine software, gives print operations a unique resource for converging transaction and marketing applications needing MICR and highlight color in the same application. As a result, print operations can consolidate resources to a single, highly capable machine for a broader range of applications. The system also supports running Oce CustomTone highlight color with a MICR station. The enhanced 600 dpi MICR toner improves edge definition, graphics, and print and fusing quality. Users can even produce a legible single point font in MICR for the very fine dots and lines often needed in signature lines on negotiable instruments to prevent fraud. Using a dual engine concept, both MICR and highlight color or Oce CustomTone colors be incorporated into one print workflow using exclusive Oce Quick Change Developer Stations (QCDS). One QCDS could be dedicated to MICR, while the other could be Oce CustomTone or highlight color or plain black toner. With Oce CustomTone, users can take advantage of Oce's large palette of custom colors or create their own. Users gain opportunities to expand transaction and invoice applications to include more marketing content using color. Print operations are able to accept jobs such as coupon mailings that can now include promotional checks. The enhanced MICR and highlight color combination can also reduce the need for preprinted forms. The Oce VarioPrint 5140advanced system and the enhanced 600 dpi MICR are now generally available. The Oce VarioPrint 5000advanced will be generally available in July.