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Standard Register Launches DesignOnDemand Pro and DesignOnDemand

Press release from the issuing company

DAYTON, Ohio, March 29 -- Standard Register, a leading provider of business process improvement, announces the launch of DesignOnDemand Pro and DesignOnDemand Advanced. These two powerful Web-based marketing tools will enable clients to design and order highly customized customer communications and marketing collateral from their desktops, decreasing turnaround times to as little as 48 hours. "As competition intensifies, sales and marketing executives are feeling increasing pressure to find more effective tools for attracting and retaining customers," explained Steve Couture, manager of program development and marketing for Standard Register. "By leveraging variable print capability and content management technology from a Web-based platform, our DesignOnDemand solutions give companies the means to create and deliver highly customized communications to targeted customers. These are end-to-end marketing solutions that help improve response rates and provide a better return on their marketing investment," he said. DesignOnDemand (DOD) Pro harnesses the power of a company's customer relationship management (CRM) database to target individual customers and market to them one-to-one. It has the capability to merge database intelligence into desired text fields (names, dates, customer facts, purchase history) for full personalization. DOD Pro also significantly reduces the time and resources needed to produce personalized sales and service promotions, newsletters, brochures and other communications by enabling users to combine free and variable text, pre-stored graphic images and static text. "DOD Pro's sophisticated color images, graphics and personalized text have a remarkable ability to cut through the clutter of generic messages that bombard customers at every turn," said Couture. "Having the right customer communications, at the right time, with customer-specific information embedded in the text, truly maximizes sales effectiveness." Like DOD Pro, DesignOnDemand Advanced allows the marketing professional to combine text and graphics to produce high-end marketing collateral that is customized for specific market segments or customers. DOD Advanced goes beyond basic models and incorporates digital, four-color print with do-it- yourself versioning capabilities in a true end-to-end fulfillment model. This approach significantly streamlines the process and reduces the cost of developing multiple versions of product literature and marketing collateral while helping companies exert greater control over branding. At the same time, DOD Pro helps eliminate unnecessary printing and warehousing costs, as well as collateral obsolescence. "DOD Advanced gives users the ability to accomplish their fulfillment needs online, when they need it, in the quantities desired, with the superior design and print quality they expect," said Couture. "Faced with increased competition and more demanding customers, companies today are taking a hard look at how they can strengthen customer relationships and enhance their marketing effectiveness," said Dennis Rediker, president and chief executive officer of Standard Register. "DesignOnDemand Pro and Advanced leverage leading digital technologies to provide them with new and powerful ways for heightening marketing impact and improving business results."