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Zero Hora orders additional printing couples for Goss Newsliner press

Press release from the issuing company

14th March, 2005 - Brazilian newspaper Zero Hora has signed an order with Goss International for an additional four printing couples for its existing Goss Newsliner press. With the growing need for more color, the investment has been made to enable printing of quality color throughout the newspaper. Following the successful installation in June 2002 of Goss digital inking page packs on its Goss Metroliner press, Zero Hora came to Goss International again when they needed additional Newsliner printing couples. Mr Adiles Bumbel, Maintenance Manager for Zero Hora, comments, “Our digital page pack installation in 2002 was a complete success. Goss proved to us that they are a trusted supplier for parts, service and enhancements. So when we decided we needed to invest in additional Newsliner couples, to keep up with the constant demand for more color, Goss was the choice.” The new couples will be configured to units 6 and 7 at the end of its existing Goss Newsliner press. Units 6 and 7 will now be stacked on top of each other to form a complete four-high tower. These new cylinders will enable Zero Hora to print color on both sides of the page, which will increase the quality and productivity of the newspaper. Zero Hora was founded in 1964 and now employs over 1400 staff at its printing plant in Porto Alegre, Brazil. This plant currently prints Zero Hora seven days a week and Diario Gaucho Monday to Saturday with a combined print run with commercial products averaging 600,000 copies on a daily basis. “When it comes to winning the circulation war, few newspapers perform better than Brazil''s Zero Hora,” explains, Julio Gostisa, Sales Manager, Latin America, for Goss International. “The newspaper has kept its circulation on the increase through an innovative blend of service to readers and a commitment to editorial quality. That''s why the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) invited Zero Hora to present to the World Editor & Marketer Conference & Expo, held on 25 and 26 November 2004 in Lisbon, Portugal.” The WAN conference focused on circulation successes from around the world. "We work more so that readers can work less," says Walter Bier, the Circulation Manager for Zero Hora, who made the presentation on how investing in quality journalism and quality circulation systems delivers greater circulation and greater profits. Julio Gostisa, concludes, “We are extremely pleased that we have been able to provide a cost-effective solution to Zero Hora. The new printing couples will enable them to produce the extra color their customers demand, without investing in a whole new press system.”