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Megaink AS announces BioMG inks for Mutoh Spitfire

Press release from the issuing company

Brandys nad Labem, Czech Republic - April 11th, 2008 - Directly on the heels of Megaink's big news regarding a joint venture with INX International, the Czech Republic-based ink company announces the release of its ground-breaking product, BioMG ink, for two Mutoh printer models.

While customers can already use Megaink inks on the Mutoh Spitfire and Spitfire Extreme, they will now be able to enjoy environmentally friendly, solvent free Bio inks for these printers. The ink will allow users to achieve fast printing modes with excellent print quality as well as reach high-volume production of outdoor prints with the long-term durability that the OEM inks are not suitable for. While the Mutoh Spitfire and Spitfire Extreme printers are advertised as appropriate for mid-term outdoor use, with the application of the new BioMG inks, printed products will be able to achieve an amount of longevity not previously possible.

Avi Bukai, Megaink's Director of Business Development, commented on the longevity of the BioMG inks for the Mutoh Spitfire and Spitfire Extremes, saying:

"We are so pleased to be releasing the BioMG inks for these two lines of printers so shortly after introducing Bio inks to the market. The more applicable Bio inks become, the more customers will be able to benefit from the bio ink, the positive effects of which are not only limited to the obvious benefit of an added element of environmentalism to the ink industry. Another great benefit is the durability of bio ink, which will allow applications to be environmentally friendly while also being cost-effective due maximized longevity."

Customers of the Mutoh Spitfire and Spitfire Extreme will appreciate the low amount of maintenance that their printers using BioMG inks will require. The inks are available in 440ml cartridges with Smart Cards and Bulk ink system 1l/bottle with 1l/smart card.