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Quebecor World Looks Forward to Presenting the Facts

Press release from the issuing company

MONTREAL--Nov. 30, 2004-- Quebecor World Inc. looks forward to presenting the facts in the face of continuing false and misleading allegations as part of a Union Corporate Campaign. The principal goal of the Campaign is to force the Company to remove its' employees' democratic right to a government supervised secret ballot election to choose or not to choose union representation. Quebecor World provides good paying jobs with comprehensive benefits in a safe working environment at our union and non-union facilities. Quebecor World has good relationships with its union members on the local level and is the most unionized printing company in the U.S. More than one-third or 7,000 of Quebecor World's U.S. workers are unionized and in Canada the number is approximately 60 per cent. In Europe all of our facilities are organized and in Latin America the figure is close to 90 per cent. When Quebecor World workers elect to join a union the Company respects that decision and successfully negotiates dozens of collective bargaining agreements with unions in its facilities in the U.S. and countries around the world. Quebecor World fully respects the laws, rules and regulations in all the jurisdictions in which it operates. The filing of multiple unfair labor practice allegations in order to harass and disparage a company is standard practice in Union Corporate Campaigns. The vast majority of complaints submitted to the National Labor Relations Board as part of the Corporate Campaign have been withdrawn by the union or dismissed by the NLRB as having no merit. The objective of this Corporate Campaign, as publicly stated by union officials, is to increase membership by intimidating the Company into giving up its rights under the law in instances of union organizing attempts and require the Company to take away its U.S. employees' legal and democratic right to vote on the issue of unionization by secret ballot. In addition, despite the GCIU's misleading statements, the NLRB's decision to proceed to the complaint phase on certain of the union allegations does not mean there is a finding of wrongdoing. The decision to issue a complaint merely means that the NLRB has determined that the matters addressed in the complaint should be decided upon by an Administrative Law Judge as part of the process. Quebecor World is confident that when it is able to present the facts of its conduct before an Administrative Law Judge it will be found not to have engaged in a practice of violating the law. A clear example of the GCIU's misleading publicity efforts is its continued reference to an incident where the Company discharged an employee it legitimately believed had made threats against senior management. The employee was later reinstated. This incident took place nine years ago and cannot serve as any legitimate basis from which to claim a pattern of wrongdoing on the part of the Company.