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Goss extends web productivity to new widths with Sunday 3000/32 press

Press release from the issuing company

October 18th, 2004 - One year after being unveiled at Graph Expo, the Goss Sunday 3000/32 web press has gone from revolutionary concept to proven performer. The first three presses in the United States with the innovative 2x8 cylinder configuration are now in full production at Arandell Corporation and Quad/Graphics, Inc. in Wisconsin. Goss is featuring a Sunday 3000/32 printing unit at this year''s Graph Expo show to highlight the successful installations. Sunday 3000/32 press systems run at up to 100,000 impressions with web widths up to 72 inches (1830 mm). "The print quality across the wider, 32-page signatures is matching the exceptional quality we achieve on our 24-page Sunday presses," says Jim Giencke, President of Arandell Corporation. Arandell specializes in high-quality catalog printing and installed the Sunday 3000/32 in a five-unit, one-web configuration. Quad/Graphics, Inc. is now operating two eight-unit, two-web Goss Sunday 3000/32 presses. "Productivity and labor efficiency are critical in today''s cost-competitive print market," explains Mike Popp, Vice President of Press Operations at Quad/Graphics, Inc. "We have a long history of success with gapless technology, and this new wider format will allow us to retire older, less productive machines." Arandell and Quad/Graphics signed orders for their first Goss Sunday 3000/32 presses at Graph Expo 2003. Quad/Graphics ordered eight more identical presses in May at Drupa. Thijsen Printing in the Netherlands was the first in the world to install a Goss Sunday 3000/32 press earlier this year. "Most suppliers told us a 2x8 configuration was technically impossible," explains Owner Walter Thijsen. Goss gapless blanket technology is vital to the new 2x8 format. The tubular blankets eliminate vibrations that would otherwise compromise speed and print quality with the wider, eight-pages-across cylinders. "The original Sunday 3000 press opened the door for web printers to make revolutionary leaps in print quality, productivity and overall efficiency," says Goss International CEO Bob Brown. "R&D efforts to build on the fundamental advantages of this technology platform have continued at full speed, and the Sunday 3000/32 press is the latest, proven result." The 100,000 impressions per hour speed and added web width make a one-web Sunday 3000/32 press two to three times more productive than a traditional 16-page press. Replacing a two-web 2x4 press with a single-web Sunday 3000/32 press increases productivity, eliminates the complexity of managing two webs and allows a smaller footprint with half as many printing units. Adding a two-web Sunday 3000/32 press in place of a pair of two-web 2x4 presses offers the same benefits, plus a reduction in crew requirements. Goss offers high-speed pinless former and combination folders that complement the Sunday 3000/32 press. The PFF-3 double-former folder delivers magazine, tabloid and ‘slim jim’ signatures that can be adjusted in four-page increments. The new PCF-3 folder combination model includes innovative signature handling technologies. Pinless folders reduce the bleed trim requirement on signatures, complementing the paper saving made possible by the small non-print area of the gapless Sunday Press blankets. The Goss Sunday 3000/32 press is controlled by Goss Omnicon Controls and The Goss Web Center workflow system for automated presetting and reporting. Integrated Goss auxiliary options include the fully automated Contiweb splicers or pasters and the Ecocool dryer with integrated chill rolls.