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Heidelberg To Show Connected Workflow In Prinect Experience

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CHICAGO, October 10, 2004 – At Graph Expo/Converting Expo 2004, Heidelberg USA will feature its highly regarded Prinect workflow system, the company’s answer to a computer integrated manufacturing environment, in an interesting and informative tour called the Prinect Experience. As part of the tour, Heidelberg will demonstrate the Prinect portfolio in the following core areas: Prinect Management Solutions, Prinect Production Solutions and Prinect Color Solutions. As the guided tours will demonstrate, the finely tuned interaction of the various Prinect components boosts the efficiency of production workflows, offers greater process transparency and accelerates the entire job flow. Prinect makes a major contribution to helping companies fully realize their potential, allowing customers to enhance performance and achieve greater profit margins. The Prinect portfolio allows customers to easily identify which product will fulfill the specific requirements of their business. Because Prinect is a highly modular, scalable and open system, it is easy to apply and can be continuously expanded. The flexibility and reliability that Prinect provides gives companies a crucial competitive advantage that can be further enhanced thanks to the increasing JDF-compatibility of all components in the Prinect workflow. The Job Definition Format (JDF) is administered by the CIP4 consortium of major manufacturers in prepress, press and postpress, as well as printers and well-known industry organizations. JDF means that all components speak the same language, regardless of the manufacturer. That means Heidelberg’s Prinect products can be connected and work seamlessly and easily with products other than those provided by Heidelberg. “JDF represents an opportunity for the industry to work more efficiently, productively and profitably,” said James Mauro, product manager, Prinect press products, Heidelberg USA. “Manufacturers need it, printers need it, and those who supply our industry hardware and software need it. Used properly, JDF promises to bring the efficiencies of CIM to printing that has been available to other computerized and mechanized manufacturing industries for years.” The Prinect Experience, prominently featured in the Heidelberg booth, will bring JDF to life. The experience is a series of eight integrated workstations that will demonstrate to printers how they can employ CIM for highly efficient print production and how they can leverage the equipment already in their shops. Tour information is available at the Prinect Center of the Heidelberg booth. The portfolio of Prinect products includes the following solutions: Prinect Management Solutions – Software solutions that estimate, plan, and calculate print jobs and distribute electronic job tickets to all necessary production steps, including presetting printing parameters on Speedmaster presses equipped with Prinect CP2000 Center, Prinect Print Center press consoles and even older CPC1.04 press consoles (back to 1995) equipped with the Prinect Online Kit. This eliminates the need to constantly reenter job data, reducing the likelihood of error and increasing efficiency. At the same time, the software controls the production process and provides objective production data for post-job calculations. This results in increased productivity and a virtually transparent workflow. Prinect Prinance Prinect Data Control Prinect Printready System Prinect FCS 100 P-Net/Compucut Prinect Production Solutions– Software components that integrate all production steps of a print media product. Prinect Production Tools encompass all prepress tasks including preflighting, color management, trapping, imposition, proofing, final plate output, and online press controls for fast make ready with consistent output and automated finishing solutions. Information created in the prepress process, for example, is used to preset ink-zones, quality control systems and cutting, folding and stitching devices. This accelerates and secures production with maximum flexibility. Prinect Signa Station Prinect Printready System Prinect MetaDimension Prinect Prepress Interface Prinect Image Control Prinect Axis Control Prinect CP2000 Center Prinect Online Kit P-Net/CompuCut Prinect FCS100/CompuFold Prinect FCS100/CompuStitch Prinect Color Solutions – Products and solutions that make it possible to achieve color ?delity throughout the work?ow and deliver true-color, cost-effective production. Presetting, measuring, calibration and pro?ling are integrated into a cycle that leads straight to the desired inking result, with reduced makeready, especially when changing jobs. Prinect Signa Station Prinect Printready System Prinect MetaDimension Prinect Prepress Interface Prinect CP2000 Center Prinect Image Control Prinect Profile Toolbox Prinect Calibration Toolbox Key features of Prinect include: Process security One time data capture – saving time and avoiding mistakes possible through multiple data input Process plan templates – standardized processes for certain categories of print jobs Alerts in case of process abnormalities Flexibility Ongoing documentation on the current job status Order modifications can be included at any process step Fast re-quoting and re-planning Transparent workflow Production and cost control through feedback from Prinect Management Solutions Identification of optimization opportunities and identification of bottlenecks Increased efficiency Configurable, reusable process plans Repeat jobs Ensure color consistency and quality throughout the production run Significantly increases potential of devices using presettings, providing faster makereadies and less waste Safety of investments Start small and migrate big: Prinect is an open architecture based on standard interfaces, including PDF, CIP4-PPF and CIP4-JDF Upgrades that modernize older presses and other equipment to keep them competitive with newer models