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Esko-Graphics demonstrates new 4-up CtP solutions at Graph Expo

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Booth 4017, Graph Expo 2004, Chicago, IL – October 10, 2004 – Esko-Graphics announces it will feature new and innovative 4-up Computer-to-Plate solutions for commercial printers during Graph Expo, October 10-13, at McCormick Place South, Chicago, IL. At booth 4017, the company will exhibit platesetters that image UV-sensitive, violet, and polyester plates. “At Graph Expo, Esko-Graphics is demonstrating a number of very viable alternatives for smaller commercial printers,” remarks Mark Vanover, Esko-Graphics North America director of marketing. “The Espresso allows printers to image lower-priced conventional plates at high speed with a reliable, straightforward UV platesetter meeting outstanding printing standards. By installing the easy-to-use PlateDriver Compact manual system with internal drum architecture, printers can gain a cost-effective entry to high quality violet CtP technology. And, the market is adapting to industry needs quickly, rapidly expanding demand for 4-up polyester CtP. Many are ready for the larger, DPX 4 polyester platesetter.” Espresso: 4-up Computer-to-UV-Plate (CtUP) system Demonstrated for the first time in North America is the Espresso, Esko-Graphics’ revolutionary 4-up Computer-to-UV-Plate (CtUP) system capable of imaging conventional pre-sensitized plates with UV light. Espresso platesetters offer low cost-of-ownership along with the capability to image inexpensive UV-sensitive plates available from both global and local suppliers worldwide. The Espresso’s quality and throughput allow printing plate production to meet the ever-increasing demands of today's print shop. Printers currently using a film-based workflow can easily and safely migrate to CtUP with a limited investment. They can continue to use the same plates and processing equipment, which facilitates a parallel CtF/CtUP operation. Because the Espresso images the same type of plates used for film-based workflows, printers are already familiar with the plate characteristics and their behavior on press. Esko-Graphics Espresso is capable of imaging a wide range of conventional pre-sensitized plates, covering sizes from 25” x 29.3” down to 12.8” x 19.1”. At the fixed resolution of 2400 dpi - sufficient for screen rulings up to 200 lpi – the Espresso can image up to thirteen 4-up UV plates/hour in normal light conditions, depending on plate sensitivity. With high-sensitivity UV plates it is possible to image up to twenty 4-up plates/hour in proper safe-light conditions. PlateDriver Compact: 2-up and 4-up violet CtP Also exhibited for the first time in North America is Esko-Graphics’ PlateDriver Compact, aimed at 2-up and 4-up printing companies that want to progress from film-based platemaking to CtP. The PlateDriver Compact has an internal drum design that guarantees the highest possible geometric and registration accuracy, and perfect dot quality. It uses a 40 mW violet laser, equally suited to expose silver and photopolymer plates. Esko-Graphics offers a 3-year warranty on the violet laser system. The PlateDriver Compact has a fixed optical resolution of 2540 dpi, allowing screen rulings up to 200 lpi. With a 36,000 rpm spinner, the PlateDriver Compact offers impressive productivity of twenty 4-up plates per hour, meeting the requirements of most small to medium printers running two or three presses. The system supports a maximum plate format of 24.2” x 29.3”. The built-in 3-point plate registration system assures that plates are ready for post punching prior to mounting on press. DPX 4: Reliable DPX 4 polyester platesetter Esko-Graphics also announces the North American launch of the 4-up polyester DPX 4 platesetter, an extension of the popular DPX series. The DPX 4 is highly productive, fully daylight operated automatic Computer-to-Polyester Plate system, producing imaged, processed, punched, dried and cut-to-size press ready plates as large as 26.77“ x 29.9”. The DPX 4 high-precision internal drum system also features faster, highly accurate throughput, which reduces make-ready-time on the press. Esko-Graphics uses fiber optic cables to transmit the dot directly into the optics and high-speed spinner. It can output thirty-eight 23.8” x 29.3” plates per hour at 1200 dpi (27 plates per hour at 2540 dpi). The DPX 4 exposes at any resolution between 1200 and 3000 dpi, automatically and dynamically adjusting the spot size by varying laser intensity and focus, resulting in optimum optical quality and high quality prints. The DPX 4 has a very small footprint taking up very little space, and includes a built-in twin-bath processor. The processor is mounted on wheels and a guide, allowing it to be rolled out for easy maintenance or chemistry refill. Plate material is punched with a built-in Bacher 425mm punch system, exposed and cut to size. If desired, the DPX 4 can be field upgraded with a Bacher 220mm or Komori 550mm custom punch. This provides precise and even registration from plate to plate, ensuring minimum mounting time and easy plate registration on the press.