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WAM!NET Demonstrates JDF-enabled Digital File Distribution At The Graph Expo JDF Pavilion

Press release from the issuing company

Bloomington, MN – October 10, 2004 – During Graph Expo 04, at the CIP4 JDF Pavilion, booth 5087, WAM!NET, a division of SAVVIS Communications and provider of content management and distribution services, is demonstrating its new JDF solution, WAM!NET Direct! JDF, for automated digital content distribution. At Graph Expo, WAM!NET will also share its roadmap of services rolling out through early 2005. Since the acquisition, WAM!NET has completed the transition of WAM!NET customers to the SAVVIS network. Many customers have realized and taken advantage of the benefits made possible by bringing WAM!NET and SAVVIS together. In addition, SAVVIS’ recent acquisition of Cable & Wireless America has strengthened the company’s global network and infrastructure while expanding media service offerings. JDF-enabled digital distribution Using WAM!NET Direct! JDF, customers can automate digital distribution of JDF files through the WAM!NET/SAVVIS global network to fully maximize the efficiencies of an end-to-end production workflow between internal organizations and external partners. WAM!NET Direct! JDF instructions are interpreted by WAM!NET, and the content automatically sent to the specified destinations as defined by the JDF job ticket. If the customer’s destination device is JDF enabled, the content will be placed in an accessible location and notification automatically sent to the device that the content has arrived. This can then be retrieved and routed in accordance with the specified JDF instructions. If the destination is not JDF enabled the content may be retrieved in a manner consistent with the customer’s current destination workflow. With WAM!NET Direct! JDF, all WAM!NET customer partners and vendors can function on the same platform and take part in a global JDF digital workflow. With complete end-to-end production workflow solutions, an extended ‘community’ of cooperating companies can share a single platform to collaborate more effectively and accelerate the workflow – ultimately resulting in faster time to market plus quicker and more profitable revenue streams. The world’s largest media services utility WAM!NET and SAVVIS now provide the world’s largest media services utility automating global inter-enterprise media workflows, with an ability to provide infrastructure, shared services and applications across multiple enterprises. All clients, vendors and partners, regardless of location, can function on the same utility and take part in the same digital workflow. This utility not only allows global distribution of content but also allows customers to centrally archive and manage content throughout the life cycle of that content. At the base of the Media Services Utility is the fully-managed SAVVIS network and infrastructure spanning 45 countries with 23 data centers worldwide. In the middle of the utility are the WAM!NET content management and distribution services. Services are supported by a patented file transfer technology that enables customers to connect to their community and workflow partners through a single connection. At the highest level are workflow applications integrated through our open standard XML API’s. Delivered over the SAVVIS Media Services Utility, customers have a choice of secure, reliable and highly scaleable subscription-based media services, ranging from fully-managed dedicated services to VPN and Internet-based services. WAM!NET content distribution services are fully integrated with the company’s other offerings, including content management services that allow customers to centrally manage and access their digital assets and files from any location. Content is securely stored at a primary data center and mirrored in a second, geographically diverse, data center. WAM!NET can also provide web delivery services, including CDN Services that will cache graphics or stream audio and video from a website for those print and publishing working with different media. In addition, WAMN!NET can provide full production capabilities to capture, produce, encode and deliver live webcasts. New services coming soon In the 4th quarter of this year WAM!NET will be delivering converged services, which allow customers to utilize unused WAM!NET bandwidth for Internet Access or other networked applications. Called Dynamic Bandwidth Optimization (DBO), this service allows sites to burst up to any idle bandwidth. WAM!NET customers can use the additional bandwidth for services such as video conferencing, company web browsing or corporate systems, such as accounting. This makes use of WAM!NET/SAVVIS services together, creating cost efficiencies by allowing a wider range of services over the same line. A content review service will also be delivered by the end of the year, allowing customers to send email messages containing thumbnails of content from WAM!NET’s content management service for review and approval. When the thumbnail in the email message is clicked, the content is downloaded to the recipient’s desktop. Access to the content can be controlled by the sender. Other future projects include an easier user interface to make services more intuitive for the novice user, and workflow routing to an FTP local area network. “We are committed to increasing our involvement in the print, publishing and media production markets and are working to deliver new solutions that further enhance and automate our customers’ workflows. WAM!NET Direct! JDF is a good example,” comments Melissa Fox, director of marketing, print and publishing for WAM!NET. “Our goals for the coming year are to deliver industry expertise and a broad range of media services that meet our customers’ business needs. By providing our media services utility, we allow our customers to focus on their core business while we ensure the quality of their IT infrastructure.”