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Enovation Delivers Remote Proofing Solution

Press release from the issuing company

VALHALLA, N.Y. (Aug. 31, 2004) – Whether you call it “soft proofing,” “remote proofing” or “virtual proofing,” the technology for viewing color accurate images on the monitor has finally arrived and Enovation’s experts are ready to demonstrate how you can benefit. Integrated Color Solutions’ Remote Director is the first SWOP certified monitor-based contract proofing system and helps users diminish costs, expedite the proofing process and provide visually accurate color without the costs of overnight deliveries. From concept to print, Remote Director helps manage the entire proofing workflow digitally, with greater efficiency, accuracy and accountability. This display-based contract proofing system applies advanced color management and software technologies to ensure color-accurate proofs, no matter where they’re being viewed. Remote Director allows multiple users to view the same artwork, add comments and collaborate about color, as well as content, and build a complete digital record of the entire job from start to finish. Reviewers can collaborate in real-time or work at their own convenience, allowing photographers, agencies, clients, prepress shops and printers to all communicate more rapidly and effectively while viewing color with certainty. – more – Enovation Delivers Remote Proofing Solution – Page 2 of 2 Until now, color has remained as elusive to replicate as it has been to display its infinite subtleties. But color is science and the science of color allows it to be measured by spectrophotometers and distinguished by thousands of variables. ICS uses its advanced proprietary technologies to calibrate and build precise device profiles. Unique to Remote Director is the ability for the proof-host to remotely control and verify the calibration of the monitors of all proof-clients that are viewing and annotating the proof. This means all participants in a proof viewing session are assured to be viewing the exact same color accurate proof and the proof-host is confident that comments regarding color can be trusted. Because the color calibration information is stored with the proof, the proof can be viewed again in the future with the same assurance of accuracy. For more information about Remote Director, please visit www.enovationgraphics.com or download a demo version of Remote Director from www.icscolor.com