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David Piccus Named Technical Support Contact for GMG

Press release from the issuing company

SAN JOSE, CA -- September 8, 2004 -- The Color Management Distribution (CMD), a Silicon Valley based distributor focusing on color management solutions, announces that David Piccus, principal of Utah-based Piccus 4 Color, has been named centralized technical support contact for GMG products. In this role, he will be the primary technical support contact with the digital contract proofing and color management software developer. In his new capacity he will be certifying new consultants and resellers on the GMG product line. Piccus has created documentation and procedures for use by all of CMD's certified GMG installers. Mr. Piccus Background... Mr. Piccus has spent his entire career in the graphics arts industry. Over the past twenty years, he has had extensive experience in the high-tech aspects of color management of photography, lithography and digital color reproduction, including roles as Technical Support and Training Manager for ColorBlind Products - Color Solutions. About Piccus 4 Color... Piccus 4 Color provides color management and color accounting services, implementing color management solutions, installing and maintaining RIPs, and providing training in color management. In doing so, Piccus 4 Color has significantly reduced prepress costs for client companies by maintaining contract proofers in proper color balance. These clients encompass the film, photo, printing, newspaper and digital reproduction industries. The company also consults and trains companies in ICC color management software and workflows, and has installed and maintained many remote proofing system placed at client's sites. Mr. Piccus has specified and taught color management in both production and development environments.