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Neenah Paper Gets New Look

Press release from the issuing company

ROSWELL, Ga. (August 24, 2004) — The company that has helped many a corporation develop their identities now has a new identity of its own. Neenah Paper, gradelines from which have been used to create countless memorable designs, has recently undergone a rebranding effort.  The updated identity and logo are captured by a simple “N,” which provides a clear brand umbrella for all of the company’s papers. It was created by Design Guys, the Minneapolis-based firm that developed the successful marketing for the Michael Graves collection sold at Target Stores. “We set out to create a fresh look that conveyed the honesty, confidence and timelessness that is already associated with Neenah Paper,” says Steve Sikora, Creative Director for Design Guys. “The ‘N’ is so bold in its presentation that it works independently of photography and other cover art that it may accompany. This quality is why it is successful as a branding device. Each individual paper grade and the ideas behind them are allowed to shine through the strong identity.” Design Guys used the existing Neenah typeface as a starting point. Sikora and his team saw an opportunity to bring Neenah Paper’s brand to the forefront and, thus, made the Neenah brand first in hierarchy. The result is a modern icon that can be recognized at a glance on all collateral materials. In many cases the “N” wraps around the printed material, creating a dimensionality that sets the brand apart from its competition. “We wanted a concept that would be as distinctive as our well known papers, would create instant impact and be identified with all the positive momentum taking place at Neenah Paper,” says Tom Wright, Neenah Paper’s Director of Strategic Advertising. “And Design Guys provided us with that. Many customers look to us as a premium paper manufacturer that brings an element to their designs that they can not obtain from many other companies. Design Guys brings a similar high level quality to the table. It’s a dedication to their craft that allowed them to see how great Neenah is and how boldly it can be displayed.”