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Setpoint Graphics Looks To The Future With Screen (USA)

Press release from the issuing company

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. — Cliff Primer points with pride to the fact that the printing companies that SetPoint Graphics, Inc. makes plates for are thriving in tough economic times. "These past few years have seen tremendous attrition in the graphic arts industry," Primer explained. "A lot of companies are either about to go out of business or have already closed up shop or have merged. But the printers that contract for our prepress services are still in business." At the heart of the Northbrook, Ill.-based service bureau's digital infrastructure is a completely integrated prepress workflow built around the PDF file format using Screen USA's Trueflow workflow management system and PlateRite 8100 eight-up thermal platesetter. These and other automated Screen workflow components have enabled SetPoint Graphics to improve quality, ensure a high degree of reliability and diversify its sources of revenue. Primer describes himself as "always being the guy who wanted to be on the cutting edge of technology. I enjoy all the new equipment and new software applications being developed for our industry." His father ran an advertising agency, and the younger Primer learned hand lettering and worked in a type shop to earn extra money while still in school. He established SetPoint Graphics in 1986 "on the cusp of the desktop publishing revolution," providing layout, design and typesetting services. Early in its history, SetPoint Graphics became a beta site for digital typesetting. It later evolved to include file management, imagesetting and digital printing. SetPoint Graphics has become expert in not only working with new file formats, applications, automation techniques and workflow management systems, but also at integrating the new components with existing systems. "SetPoint Graphics would be in trouble without equipment we can rely on," Primer stated. "Our focus is on technology that drives equipment. Trueflow has allowed us to keep up with every aspect of technology. A digital file can be used a number of ways, and Screen's software provides a high degree of reliability and flexibility." Furthermore, by utilizing Screen's JDF-based Trueflownet modules Riteonline and Riteportal, SetPoint Graphics' workflow has moved out of the shop and onto the Internet in both directions from prepress, with online procurement, production and print management tools. Riteonline, Screen's online print-ordering system, streamlines the procurement of print jobs and allows printers' clients to order customized documents or reprints anytime via their web browser. Riteportal is an Internet portal into prepress that enables content creators to prepare and deliver error-free, production-ready PDF files. "The printing industry is changing so fast that the actual infrastructure of the industry can't keep pace with the technology," Primer observed. "We've stayed up with the latest technology, so our customers don't have to. With the right equipment and the right file management, you can help facilitate their workflow. I think this a good model for outsourcing." Since implementing the computer-to-plate workflow, the eight-employee shop has been outputting upwards of 1,000 plates a month. Primer has worked closely with Screen to continue tailoring the system to SetPoint Graphics' specific needs. "Screen's software engineers have been extremely receptive to suggestions about what is practical and necessary for our business," Primer said. "Many of our ideas have been incorporated into the software. We've had their complete support. Any issues with the equipment - and we haven't had many - have been resolved quickly."