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Screen USA Takes The Multi-Format Platerite Ultima To New Performance Levels

Press release from the issuing company

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. — A new model in the PlateRite Ultima computer-to-plate (CTP) series brings outstanding levels of productivity to the large-format CTP market. The PlateRite Ultima 32000Z heads up the Screen PlateRite family of four-, eight-, 16-, 24- and 32-page thermal platesetters. The new device was developed to provide turbo-powered plate production. The PlateRite Ultima 32000Z allows high-speed output on a range of plate sizes, from four-page plates up to the largest 32-page plates. It features a minimum plate size of 25.6 inches x 21.6 inches and a maximum plate size of 83.6 inches x 50.2 inches. A choice of four adjustable imaging resolutions — 1,200, 2,400, 2,438 or 2,540 dpi — is available. The dual imaging architecture ensures maximum flexibility and productivity ideally suited to those printers with a mix of press formats, including four-page and eight-page presses. The PlateRite Ultima 32000Z incorporates twin 512-channel laser diode exposure heads based on Grating Light Valve (GLV) technology. GLV imaging enables fast modulation of the GLV ribbons, providing an ultra-precise method of transferring digital images directly onto a printing plate. Thanks to the dual plate exposure, the standard PlateRite Ultima 32000Z can output up to 46 40.5 x 31.5-inch plates per hour (depending upon the sensitivity of the plate media) at 2,400 dpi. Printers seeking high-capacity plate production for their eight-page presses will find this feature especially appealing. The PlateRite Ultima 32000Z is compatible with any workflow system capable of generating 1-bit TIFF files. However, its capabilities are enhanced particularly by the industry-leading Screen Trueflow workflow management system. The PlateRite Ultima 32000Z includes a number of features designed to maximize operational flexibility and ease of plate handling. Like the entire PlateRite series, the PlateRite Ultima 32000Z offers optional inline plate punching, which can be configured as required to suit specific plates and presses. Plates are punched immediately before being mounted on the drum to provide high registration accuracy and reduce press makeready. The PlateRite Ultima 32000Z also can be outfitted with an optional single-cassette or multiple-cassette plate autoloader. Each cassette in the autoloader unit can hold up to 75 large-size plates or 150 eight-page (or smaller) plates. The multiple-cassette autoloader is equipped with four cassettes and can expand to hold up to 600 plates for dual exposure. A special L-shaped conveyer is designed to transport the plates (single or dual) directly to the inline plate processor. In its semiautomatic configuration, a manual plate-loading table allows plates to be easily aligned and delivered to the system for accurate imaging. The PlateRite Ultima 32000Z will be demonstrated at Graph Expo 2004. Shipments will commence immediately after the show.