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Newest Version Of Screen Trueflow Workflow Debuts With Expanded Integration Capabilities

Press release from the issuing company

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. — Trueflow, Screen USA's PDF workflow management system, is designed both to drive optimized computer-to-plate (CTP) production and digital printing presses, and to create an advanced automated and streamlined network workflow solution. Trueflow 3.0, the latest version of this popular workflow solution, enables existing Trueflow users to move easily from a PDF and PostScript workflow into a JDF-based environment. Users achieve seamless communication with management information systems (MIS), prepress, press and postpress operations. Trueflow 3.0 features JDF-based job tickets. It facilitates two-way communication in a JDF environment and allows direct connectivity with MIS systems. It also features scalability to support a wide range of JDF-based file formats. Moreover, it maximizes interoperability with other JDF-enabled technologies. Trueflow automation for output-ready jobs includes preflight, overprint, auto-trapping, imposition and output in multiple formats. It transmits CIP3/PPF prepress data, allowing press operators to preset ink keys. File formats include Outline PDF, RIPed PDF and 1-bit TIFF files for consistent output at remote sites. The impressive Polished PDF IN feature provides dual functionality and incorporates the latest Enfocus Library. Incoming files are checked and formatted into PDF or PDF/X-1a, ensuring trouble-free transfer and processing in the workflow. At Graph Expo 2004, Screen (USA) plans to showcase several other production-enhancing workflow applications: Riteonline: robust print ordering system A powerful web browser-based print ordering system, Riteonline streamlines the ordering of print jobs and allows printers’ customers to procure customized documents or reprints at any time. The system provides ultimate control over document customizing, print ordering and approval. By reducing manual intervention, Riteonline reduces job cycle times, lowers costs and improves productivity. A turnkey software application that works with other solutions using JDF/JMF messaging, Riteonline can be incorporated into existing operations very easily. Riteportal: Internet portal into prepress Riteportal allows content creators to prepare and deliver error-free, production-ready Certified PDF files from any application that can print. Easily tailored to a printer’s production workflow, Riteportal simplifies the PDF creation, preflight, certification, encryption and delivery of predefined PDF files into a simple click-and-print process from the desktop for both online and offline delivery. The system makes it possible to eliminate problems often associated with bad PDFs, such as incorrect profile settings and missing fonts. Certified PDFs created by customers are uploaded to the print site’s Riteportal server and automatically placed into predetermined hot folders or print queues. As a result, print jobs get on press with fewer delays and quality results are guaranteed. Riteportal complies with JDF and PDF/X-1a open standards and integrates easily with Trueflow. Ritetransfer: intelligent communication portal Ritetransfer is an intelligent and powerful file client/server communication portal for printers looking for an easy-to-use file transfer system. Ritetransfer enables customers to submit jobs directly from their desktop. It provides a customized and branded drag-and-drop client application for both PC and Macintosh platforms. Ritetransfer supports JDF output and can generate a JDF INTENT file if required. The Ritetransfer client performs file transfer, with automatic file compression/decompression, in the background without interrupting other activities. Customers and printers automatically receive an email notification once the job has been successfully transferred. The software features an automatic update capability that gives the printer the ability to dynamically update all their clients with the latest job ticket forms, profiles and software patches. SPEKTA hybrid screening SPEKTA AM/FM hybrid screening technology is the solution to high-end print quality using standard-level equipment. SPEKTA delivers a higher level of print quality and image detail than high-frequency line screens of 300 lpi or higher, without changing from conventional 175 lpi conditions. Screens can be output at 2,400 dpi with no loss of productivity. SPEKTA achieves the fine pattern reproduction of FM screening, combined with the consistent results of AM screening. It overcomes the problem of rosette moiré and prevents posterization. SPEKTA does a better job of bringing out the detail in the midtones and tones commonly seen in flesh tones and other areas where vibrant color is required. Images that are particularly well suited to SPEKTA screening include: • Maps and floor plans, photos of hair and other fine lines • Mesh patterns, such as speakers, wood grains and fashion fabrics • Photos of black or dark gray products that are susceptible to rosette moiré • Shadows, computer graphics and other smooth gradations • Clothing, fruit and colorful images