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Apago Releases PDF Document Assembly Tool for Mac OS X

Press release from the issuing company

Alpharetta, GA; January 6, 2004– Apago, Inc., a leading developer of PDF workflow software, has released version 1.0 of its new PDFmerge software for Mac OS X as a companion to its popular PDFshrink compression tool. PDFmerge makes it easy to combine multiple documents in PDF, PostScript, TIFF, JPEG and other common image file formats into a single PDF document without having to laboriously convert each file to PDF one at a time or purchase an expensive program. PDFmerge features an elegantly simple but powerful user interface for building documents. A user simply drags their source documents to PDFmerge, selects the desired pages and specifies the order they should appear in the final document. A high quality preview is provided to make selecting pages easier. The PDF files created by PDFmerge are fully compatible with Apple Preview, Adobe Acrobat and Reader software. They can be used on the Internet, for email and for print. PDFmerge does not require Adobe Acrobat. PDFmerge also includes several unique features, such as the ability to set the final page size equal to the trim, AppleScript support and the ability to save and reload document settings, that make it extremely useful for assembling electronic books, magazines and newspapers. “Catalogs, newsletters, sales literature, and presentations are often made from a collection of documents in different formats. For example, a simple real estate appraisal may require 5 pages in PDF format, 2 scanned TIFF pages, and several color photographs in JPEG format. Converting all of these files to PDF and then combining them into a single document can take a long time and requires multiple software applications. PDFmerge streamlines the document assembly task," explains Dwight Kelly, President of Apago, Inc.