Goss: Johnston Printing Division undertakes press expansion at Sunderland Web

Press release from the issuing company

December 3rd, 2003 - Johnston Printing Division has placed an order for a new Goss Colorliner 70 tower extension to upgrade its existing Goss press at Sunderland Web. The order has been placed because of the increased demand in the contract print market in the North East of England. David Crow, Divisional Managing Director, Johnston Printing comments, “The Goss Colorliner 70 extension gives us a very flexible press and provides us with the additional color and capacity we need to fulfil our customers’ demands.” Sunderland Web is part of the Johnston Printing Division that prints local and regional newspapers throughout the UK at its numerous printing plants. David continues, “At the same time as installing the new tower we will also be adding additional couples to our existing four towers. When the press was installed in 1996 our requirement at that time was for four backing one color but now the demand has changed and we need to have as much color capacity as possible.” The extension will include a new four-high Colorliner 70 tower, a Goss CT 50 three-arm reelstand and one turner bar. Additionally a new press control desk will be supplied. The installation is due to take place early in 2004. Ian McLeod, Goss General Sales Manager for the UK and Eire said of the order, “Sunderland Web will gain significant pagination and color with this new Colorliner tower addition and the additional print couples. Goss are very pleased to extend the close relationship through this new project which will give the Johnston Printing Division increased capacity in the North East of Britain.” Shane Lancaster, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Goss Preston concludes, “Johnston is a very successful group that have invested time and again with Goss over the years upgrading to the latest developments in four-high technology. This new extension will place them in an ideal position to grow and develop their markets.”