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KPG Enhances Software For The Matchprint Virtual Proofing System

Press release from the issuing company

Norwalk, Connecticut, USA – Features in the latest software for the Kodak Polychrome Graphics Matchprint Virtual Proofing System expand the global reach and capabilities of the industry standard monitor proofing technology. Software enhancements include color profiles to meet FOGRA color standards and a built in FOGRA color check feature for users to evaluate their proofing set up and ensure compliance to FOGRA settings. The new software also supports the Apple Safari web browser, allowing users to proof using the default OSX browser and to enjoy the benefits of proofing in the fastest Mac web browser. “This software extends the benefits of color critical monitor proofing to customers throughout Europe and improves collaboration with their colleagues and partner organizations in the U.S.,” said Rob Pipe, Business Director, Virtual Proofing, KPG. “These features further deliver on the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System’s promise of monitor proofing to save time, eliminate geographic barriers, and deliver consistent, accurate color.” The Matchprint Virtual Proofing System’s new software also includes a Matchprint Virtual Private Label Option, which allows Private Label users of Matchprint Virtual to present their clients with their own online proofing web portal, through a unique URL customized with their own look and feel. Private Label includes two powerful online proofing workflow tools – a customizable proof approval workflow that enables customers to define custom roles for end users and set permissions while managing their own unique proof approval process. When activated the proof approval function requires the user to authenticate their approval and also allows users to lock down a file or project once it is approved, which prevents users from uploading new versions or adding additional annotations. In addition, Private Label offers a new "multiple-index view" and "compare" feature set, allowing simultaneous collaboration on and streaming, viewing, annotation and comparison of two images in high resolution. The "compare" function immediately identifies the changes between the two versions, whether text or color related. KPG’s new software allows users to select from several languages, including English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. The upgrade is a single, common release for Europe and North America. By enabling online viewing of the many rounds of proofing that occur before a file is approved for print, the Matchprint Virtual Proofing system speeds up the approval process and fosters stronger collaboration among those involved in the production process. The GATF InterTech Technology Award-winning and SWOP- (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) certified Matchprint Virtual Proofing system can be used for content, imposition and color-critical proofing, predicting press results, checking for file integrity, routing jobs for all levels of approval and communicating print expectations. The new software further solidifies KPG’s leadership in monitor proofing innovation. Last month, KPG announced several extensions to the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System line. Matchprint Virtual Press Side Proofing System, designed for installation directly into the pressroom, creates a completely digital workflow that includes agencies, designers, prepress operations and the printer. Matchprint Virtual LCD Proofing System combines the convenience of proofing from a desktop computer with the color accuracy, collaboration and productivity benefits of the Matchprint Virtual Proofing solution. And, Matchprint Virtual Desktop Proofing System, an offline proofing solution that allows users to view color accurate proofs from RGB and CMYK data at an earlier stage in the workflow. The system includes a Matchprint Virtual LCD monitor, Matchprint Virtual Color Calibration Software, KPG Color Fidelity Module and Matchprint Virtual colorimeter. RealTimeProof is the leading suite of web-based proofing solutions providing accurate image quality for monitor and remote proofing. Using breakthrough patented streaming technology, Pixels on Demand, high-resolution files can be viewed in seconds, even over a dial-up connection. Users need only a web browser on a Mac or PC and a free downloadable plug-in to proof their original files from anywhere, at any time. The GATF InterTech award winning RealTimeProof technology is the standard for online proofing in major workflows and is now integrated in workflows from Heidelberg, EFI, Esko-Graphics and Artwork Systems.