Group Logic Ships MassTransit Web Client for Mac OS X

Press release from the issuing company

July 9, 2003 (Arlington, VA) - Group Logic, developer of best-selling network workflow software products, announced today the immediate availability of the MassTransit Web Client for Mac OS X.   The MassTransit Web Client is a key component of the MassTransit Enterprise digital file transfer and remote workflow solution.  The Web client is the only Web browser plug-in designed for digital graphic arts file transfer.  This flexible Web transfer client makes it easy for people of all skill levels to successfully transfer print jobs and other files to remote locations using their Web browser. Some of the many benefits of the Web client include: - Send folders and folder hierarchies intact with a simple drag-and-drop to the browser - Automatically compress and decompress files - Maintain Macintosh file integrity - Eliminate stuffing, bin-hexing, and other confusing processes - Utilize industry standard encryption and digital certificate technology to secure files - Provide sophisticated, customized HTML job tickets The shipment of the Mac OS X native Web client marks the completion of the second of three phases Group Logic outlined at the beginning of 2003 for the transition of MassTransit to Mac OS X .  The first phase was the release in May of MassTransit 4.1.2 – a fully certified, compatibility-mode version of the MassTransit Server.  The third and final phase, a fully native server version of MassTransit on Mac OS X is currently under way and is the company’s highest development priority. “The Macintosh platform is used heavily as a MassTransit file transfer server and the Mac is extremely important to our customers in the graphic arts marketplace,” said Andy Lewis, VP Sales and Marketing.  “Group Logic is not only fully committed to Mac OS X, but we are very excited about the new capabilities that our customers will gain by using MassTransit with the advanced features of Mac OS X.  It is an excellent platform for mission critical file transfer servers.” MassTransit is the solution of choice among businesses that buy or provide graphic arts and printing services, including corporations, publishers, printers, prepress companies, and advertising agencies. For instance, 10 of the top 15 printers in North America use MassTransit for transferring files between plants as well as to and from customer sites.  Since its inception in 1988, Group Logic has focused on Macintosh related products and the company remains strongly committed to Apple and the Macintosh platform. The MassTransit Web Client for Mac OS X is available immediately fordownload from Group Logic’s web site.  The new web client can be used to connect to MassTransit Enterprise 4.1 or later on Macintosh or Windows platforms.