Vio MultiView Provides Job Management from All File Transfer Solutions

Press release from the issuing company

June 18, 2003--Roseland, NJ--Vio Inc., a leading provider of software and network solutions for the graphic arts industry, today introduces Vio MultiView, the latest innovation in its suite of workflow management tools. The new enhancement to the Vio Digital Workflow Suite allows customers to track and manage their internal and external workflows through a single user interface. Users can manage jobs received through Vio, as well as jobs located in any application folder on their local network. The first of its kind in the industry, Vio MultiView monitors application inboxes from various sources, such as FTP sites, ISDN, other file transfer solutions, pre- or post-flight applications, or any other folder-based application service. With Vio MultiView and the application’s user-friendly interface, operators are able to see and retrieve every job, regardless of its origin, as though it were in the Vio file store. This unprecedented offering eliminates the extra time and hassle of monitoring multiple application interfaces, reduces the delays associated with chasing down jobs on the customer’s site, and saves on the cost of training staff to use multiple applications. Vio MultiView follows the recent launch of Vio Open, which allows customers to exchange data with non-subscribers via the Internet, ISDN and FTP. “Vio MultiView is a dream for any workflow management process,” states Alan Darling, Executive Vice President, Vio Inc. “Customers appreciate the ability to use a single interface to track and manage incoming jobs from multiple sources--this means that operators can monitor the progress of jobs from one workstation without having to get up and move from workstation to workstation. They will wonder how they had survived without it.” Vio MultiView monitors files or folders of work coming into any specified application folder. The system tracks new jobs, automatically assigning a unique Vio Job ID to each one. The tool will also send an automatic email notification with a JDF-compliant Job Ticket to anyone who needs to know about arriving jobs. Using Vio MultiView, customers can access Job Tickets for all jobs placed in the monitored folders. These Job Tickets contain information such as the list of attached folders and files, the title and size of the job, date and time of arrival into the monitored folder, and the sender. The Job Ticket also specifies the application in which the file resides, providing users instant access to the critical metadata for all in-process jobs at any given time. To see a demo or for more information about Vio MultiView, Vio Open and the Vio Digital Workflow Suite, contact Vio at 978-535-6080 or at [email protected]