Ultimate Impostrip 6.8 Released

Press release from the issuing company

Montreal, Canada, June 06, 2003 – Ultimate Technographics, a leading prepress workflow software developer, is pleased to announce the release of Impostrip 6.8 for Macintosh and Windows. The latest free update for supported users to Impostrip provides several imposition workflow enhancements; updated PostScript filter lists, full support for 1-bit TIFF imposition, support for PDF trap layer annotation, more control over centering of PDF 1.4 pages (based on /TrimBox, /CropBox or /MediaBox) and the ability of Impostrip to read Creo (Scenicsoft) Preps Jobs and Templates. This new release will now allow Preps users to add Impostrip to their workflow, or even replace Preps completely and still access legacy Jobs and Templates with no problems. Ultimate provides several significant advantages for Preps user to consider “switching” to Impostrip: Price – Switching to Impostrip All Jazzed Up costs only $3,995, and provides unlimited front end clients for imposition, this is a fraction of the price it costs to upgrade multiple seats of Preps. The costs savings are even more staggering when setting up a new imposition workflow, for example; a shop with 5 imposition workstations, the cost for Impostrip would be $5,995, the cost for 5 seats of Preps would be $34,995. Performance – Impostrip, unlike Preps, is a client server workflow solution that prints PostScript and PDF jobs from the print server, allowing printers to make more plates every day and reduce sluggish network traffic from huge signature files. Multi OS support, including OS X – Impostrip has Mac OS 9, OS X and Win 2000+ client front ends for imposition. Preps, including the most recent release, does not work in native OS X. Full CIP 4 Support – Unlike Preps which only supports CIP 4 cutting data, Impostrip supports a full CIP 4 workflow. Free Form Ganging – Impostrip All Jazzed Up comes bundled with Full Plate, a $2,000 value. Full Plate is an automated or hands-on ganging application used to mix signatures, PS, EPS and PDF files of all different sizes on the same plate. Unlike Preps which requires a predetermined template, Full Plate allows you to place files wherever you wish with a click of the mouse. Robert Dumas, Director of Product Management, Ultimate Technographics says “Impostrip has always been recognized as the fastest imposition workflow product in the market. With the release of IMPress for OS X, the first OS X PostScript and PDF imposition solution in the world, at GraphExpo 2002, and with the OS X front end support of Impostrip, we have a product line that answers the needs of any print shop, from a digital on-demand print workflow, to the most sophisticated CTP systems” he continues “Ultimate’s products are all about choice, our imposition products work with the OS, RIP and output device of your choice – and now we even work seamlessly with our competing product, Preps. Preps users now have more options, they can expand their imposition workflow without spending an enormous amount of money on individual licenses of Preps and instead simply add Impostrip for a faster and more economical imposition workflow”. Impostrip 6.8 is a free update for supported Ultimate customers. A free Impostrip demo is available for download at www.Ultimate-Tech.com, and Preps users may purchase Impostrip All Jazzed Up for $3,995 (regular $5,995) or Impostrip Solo for $995 (regular $2,995)