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Heidelberg: Remote Service Saves Customers Time

Press release from the issuing company

KENNESAW, Ga., - May 19, 2003 - Today's print media customers are demanding faster turnaround times, which means printers can't afford to have their presses down. To meet this need, Heidelberg has expanded its service portfolio and introduced its Remote Service Program, which delivers electronic diagnosis of Speedmaster CP2000 Center and ImageControl Systems without a visit from a technician. If printers have a problem on their CP-2000 equipped Speedmaster, Remote Service gives press operators and technicians the tools they need to get back into production -- quickly and efficiently.   Via modem, Heidelberg experts diagnose and assist in repairing problems  -- often without initiating a service call. In fact, of all Remote Service calls received within the last 12 months, 70 percent were resolved with Remote Diagnostics without a service technician ever visiting the site.   With Remote Service, experts can view everything on the printers' console and check  what would normally be evaluated during the service call. Often, the problem is identified and resolved via remote service and printers benefit from increased machine availability and uptime, fewer on-site service calls and lower costs; fast access to technical assistance and direct online help.   Heidelberg already has installed a Remote Service connection on 50 presses in the U.S. and 500 worldwide. Customers who have taken advantage of this technology are finding that Remote Service gives them instant access to service, fast problem resolution and a substantial reduction in downtime. This service, available to any printer with a CP 2000 system, significantly impacts a business' performance -- and profitability.   Remote Service can diagnose problems including failed switches, bad PC boards, overloaded motors and  operator errors. If a simple solution is evident, our experts will work with printers to correct the problem and get them back into production. Remote Service customers are enthusiastic about the new service. Southeastern Printing in Stuart, Florida, owns a Speedmaster 102-10P and a Speedmaster 74-8P. Southeastern was the first customer to sign up for Remote Service at PRINT 01 in Chicago and has used it for diagnostics on their SM102-10P and it has significantly reduced downtime. John Diaz, production manager, is clearly impressed by the product. "In many cases Remote Service solved our problem and we did not have to place a service call. It helped us to keep the press up and running and resolved the issues quickly," Diaz said. "When I call Remote Service, I get a response within minutes. The Remote Service technician dials in via modem, views our press and simply sees what the problem is immediately. Remote Service definitely has reduced our down times. To make a phone call is very quick -- I simply call and get a response within a couple of minutes."   Heidelberg's customers have always been able to rely on the company's outstanding service and now they can receive the added value of time. With Heidelberg's Remote Service, customers have access to the fastest way to get a press up and running when a problem occurs. Remote Service customer calls receive top priority. Expert help desk technicians take over the problem upon notification and dial directly into a customer's press via modem. Within minutes, they access and assist with the problem, providing one more way that Heidelberg helps its customers achieve maximum uptime and productivity.   The time-saving component of Remote Service is extremely valuable to Steve Burdette, director of Campus Support Services at the University of Texas at Arlington. "People say I sell printing. I don't sell printing, I sell time. If I didn't have access to online technical support that Heidelberg offers with Remote Service, I wouldn't be competitive in this market," says Burdette.   Remote Service is available as a service license agreement offered to all printers who run Speedmasters with CP 2000 and all ImageControl systems.  Operating hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday via a toll-free telephone number. Customers interested in Remote Service should call Heidelberg at 888-427-9655 or visit www.heidelberg.com.