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Mohawk Now Largest Purchaser of Windpower in U.S. Paper Industry

Press release from the issuing company

Cohoes, NY - Mohawk Fine Papers Inc. announced today that it has begun offsetting 100% of the annual electric power consumption across all its operations in New York and Ohio with the purchase of 100 million kWh (kilowatt hours) of renewable energy certificates (RECs).  A member of the EPA Green Power Partnership, Mohawk now joins an exclusive group of organizations like PepsiCo, Whole Foods Market, and the U.S. EPA who have committed to fighting climate change by offsetting 100% of their purchased electricity use with renewable energy sources.

This move follows a May 2007 announcement in which the company began moving toward carbon neutral production by making its premium paper lines, Strathmore Writing, Strathmore Script, Beckett Concept, and Beckett Expression, carbon neutral within its production process. 

“We continually seek ways to expand our sustainable practices,” said Tom O'Connor, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mohawk Fine Papers Inc.  “We're acutely aware that, as a paper manufacturer, we are part of an industry that depends heavily on energy, water, and other natural resources in the production of ephemeral, non-durable goods.  Because of this, over two decades ago we embraced the concept of extended stewardship, meaning that we continually examine every aspect of our business with the objective of making our environmental footprint as small as possible.  This means doing more with less and taking decisive actions to reduce or eliminate negative impacts.  Working to reduce our net greenhouse gas emissions is simply part of our day-to-day business operations and windpower is clean, abundant, and reliable.  By investing in wind energy we are aiding the growth of this emission-free energy alternative.”

Since the early 90's Mohawk has been actively involved in a number of environmental initiatives.  In 2003 Mohawk became the first U.S. paper mill to use wind-generated electricity to manufacture paper.  Between 2001 and 2006 the company reduced its thermal consumption per ton of manufactured product by 8%.  In the same time period it reduced electricity consumption per ton by 14%.   The company has joined two important organizations to bring transparency to that effort.  The EPA's Climate Leaders program and Clean Air - Cool Planet, a similar program designed to reduce climate impacts in the Northeastern U.S.

Mohawk has long been an industry leader in its commitment to supporting the use of clean energy, and the company's efforts have been lauded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):  In 2005, Mohawk became a member of the EPA's Green Power Partnership, a program comprised of companies that voluntarily purchase renewable energy in an effort to reduce their own environmental impact.   And later that year Mohawk received the National Green Power Leadership Award.  This current move to offset 100% of its purchased electricity will place Mohawk on the EPA's Top Partner list of 100% Green Power Purchasers along with companies like PepsiCo, Whole Foods Market, The World Bank, and the EPA itself (the list will be updated July 30, 2007).

"Our Climate Leaders partners are demonstrating corporate climate change leadership by embracing energy efficiency, green power, and technological innovation as sound business investments," said EPA Deputy Administrator Marcus Peacock.  "Many of the nation's leading companies are working aggressively with EPA to lower their greenhouse gas emissions in ways that advance President Bush's climate change strategy."

For more information about Climate Leaders, visit http://www.epa.gov/climateleaders.

For more information visit www.mohawkpaper.com or call 1-800 the mill.