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Dynagram announces beta version of DynaStrip 4.0 for OS X

Press release from the issuing company

April 23, 2003 – Quebec, Canada – Dynagram, the recognized authority in digital imposition, today announced that DynaStrip 4.0 (Macintosh) is in the final stages of its beta release period. Shipment of the final release of DynaStrip 4.0 (Macintosh) will be announced shortly. DynaStrip 4.0 is the first of its kind in the industry: it is the only carbonized imposition software available, allowing users to seamlessly operate in OS X, OS 9 and Classic modes. Imagine the versatility DynaStrip 4.0 offers imposition users worldwide that are grappling with jobs on varying Macintosh platforms. “There is nothing half done about DynaStrip 4.0,” said François Guérard, president of Dynagram. “Whether you are on OS X, OS 9 or in Classic, an imposition solution should enable you to operate in either.” In addition, DynaStrip 4.0’s OS X compatibility allows users to take full advantage of the multi-tasking capabilities of OS X, along with superior stability and better management of application memory. The vanguards of pure, innovative and user-friendly software interfaces will marvel at how DynaStrip 4.0 is “more Mac” than ever before. Its improved user interface, true to the Mac philosophy, boasts a simple, yet cutting-edge, OS X look and feel unlike any other imposition software. DynaStrip 4.0 is also featuring new JDF support, even greater facilitating DynaStrip’s integration with workflow systems using the emerging JDF standard. DynaStrip 4.0’s JDF output format for imposition will help workflows using JDF to take advantages of DynaStrip’s superior imposition features. Other enhanced capabilities include a direct-layout PDF page preview and the ability to impose trapped PDFs that use the annotation layer to embed trapping information. The direct-layout PDF page preview is a preview function that displays imposed PDFs directly in DynaStrip’s design window using OS X’s Quartz engine. This means that the true imposed source files—not thumbnails—are displayed, which allows users to zoom the page content at maximum resolution. DynaStrip 4.0’s ability to impose trapped PDFs regardless of whether the trapping information is embedded in the pages or on annotation layers makes DynaStrip 4.0 the only PDF imposition solution that makes full use of Adobe Extreme PDF Trapper technology. DynaStrip 4.0 also offers the option to output imposition jobs in PDF 1.3 or 1.4 to comply with a wide variety of output devices. “DynaStrip 4.0 for Macintosh is the next-generation imposition solution for any prepress department,“ said Mr. Guérard. “Printers looking to evolve from an archaic and complicated imposition setup to an imposition solution that not only remains in synch with emerging technologies but also offers enhanced capabilities that can truly impact the bottom-line, will recognize the value DynaStrip 4.0 affords."