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Dalim introduces Power PDF Workflow in latest TWiST upgrade

Press release from the issuing company

Kehl, Germany --April 1, 2003-- Dalim Software has significantly extended the capabilities of its powerful DALiM TWiST, intelligent automated workflow software, and DALiM LiTHO image and page editing, prepress technologies with the launch of Version 4.6 of both products. Shipping immediately, the upgrade introduces ‘Power PDF Workflow’, the industry’s most advanced, fastest and flexible system for handling a variety of PDF-based files in a prepress environment. Dalim Software is a leading developer of open, automated professional production workflow solutions for the print, prepress, packaging, publishing and new media industries. The popular DALiM TWiST, used by some of the industry’s leading names, is a powerful automated production application based on modular tools that can rapidly be configured into an almost infinite variety of automatic processing paths. DALiM LiTHO is a fully integrated layout and retouching software that provides image editing, page assembly and PDF or PostScript editing tools. The result of Dalim Software’s proven experience in handling vector and raster-based data, the new Power PDF Workflow provides advertisers, publishers, prepress houses and printers with an extremely robust, reliable and high-productivity production workflow. Source files (such as Quark XPress, Adobe InDesign and Pagemaker, PostScript, PDF, TIFF/IT, TIFF, EPS, DCS, etc) are pre-flighted, normalized and secured as print-predictable, reference PDFs which form the basis for all subsequent processes such as hard/soft proofing, imposition, distribution and output to film, plate, press and digital archive/asset management systems. This secure format is designed for both ‘RIP Once, Output Many’ (ROOM) and ‘Normalize Once, Render Many’ (NORM) production environments where data integrity and consistency has to be to ensured across multiple proofing and output devices. The Power PDF Workflow file can be specified as either a vector-based PDF or as a raster-based file, for total workflow flexibility. Dalim Software’s unique optimization technology ensures one of the most robust, print-predictable PDF files – regardless of whether the file is vector of raster-based. The Power PDF Workflow does not restrict users to an all-PDF workflow paradigm. Consistent with Dalim Software’s strategy of providing flexible and open workflows, users can output separated optimized PostScript to a RIP as required, whilst providing the option to evolve to a full PDF-based workflow in the future if they wish. Dalim Software has introduced several other important new features in Version 4.6, including: -The ability to generate production-standard PDF files that conform to ISO and ANSI standards such as PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 -The ability to define and select a range of specific workflow parameters directly from the Macintosh desktop -Several new color management features including CMYK to CMYK color space transformation with the option to protect black text as pure black; and a Color Protection Transformation feature which allows users to protect certain colors or color channels from color space transformation. -Full integration with Dalim Software’s new web-based applications TWiST WEBLiNK and TWiST DiALOGUE providing Internet-based remote management and soft proofing. TWiST WEBLiNK provides users with full access to DALiM TWiST via a standard web browser giving users the freedom to manage the specific production workflows from any location. Users can: upload files, start/stop workflows, advanced error/preflight check, change priorities, and change files or amend PostScript Printer Description files on the fly. TWiST DiALOGUE is an on-line facility, which allows the remote and collaborative viewing and proofing of high-resolution files via the Internet and in real time without the need of any client software or browser plug-ins. “In Version 4.6 Dalim Software again reinforces its reputation as a provider of the industry’s most advanced and flexible production workflows and tools,” says Stéphane Georges, Software Product Manager for Dalim Software. “The key feature of this upgrade is choice. Users have the ability to build specific workflows, based on PDF or other file formats, to match their needs exactly and with the confidence of total reliability and performance. We believe in giving customers the freedom to choose the file format they prefer, and defining the production steps they need, with the freedom to move to a full PDF-based workflow if they wish to”. In a joint initiative with Dalim Software, Groupe Folio in France has developed FolioSWiNG v1.5, featuring the new Power PDF capabilities, which was launched at the Graphitec exhibition (Paris 19th – 22nd March 2003).