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GretagMacbeth announces new line of Eye-One color management packages

Press release from the issuing company

Las Vegas, NV, March 3, 2003– GretagMacbeth, worldwide technological leader in color measurement and management solutions, is announcing a new lineup of modular, more targeted solutions in its popular Eye-One Color Management System today at the Photo Marketing Association International’s PMA 2003. The new packages provide dedicated vertical market solutions that address the specific workflow and functional needs of graphic designers, digital photographers, ad agencies, and corporate graphics professionals. Their enhanced price/performance characteristics make consistent, reliable and predictable digital color more affordable than ever before. Since it was first announced in 2001, GretagMacbeth’s Eye-One Color Management System has brought a new level of ease-of-use to color management and has received numerous awards and rave reviews from users and trade publications alike. It is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for creative professionals in both the graphic arts and photographic industries making the benefits of consistent, reliable and predictable color available to a wider community of users. “Our new Eye-One family builds upon our existing product line – Eye-One Monitor and Eye-One Pro solutions – and will replace it to provide color management solutions specifically designed for the workflows of the creative professional,” says Gaelle Hunt, Vice President Marketing, Digital Imaging, at GretagMacbeth AG. “The new packages are affordable, reliable, easy-to-use and best of all they’re expandable so users can add components and upgrade the functionality as their needs grow.” The new Eye-One color management product line-up The new Eye-One product line-up consists of four packaged solutions, each targeted at a specific vertical application. Each solution package includes an Eye-One color measurement device – either the new Eye-One Display or the Eye-One Pro – plus the newly enhanced Eye-One Match 2.0 software to support its corresponding functionality. Eye-One DISPLAY: The new Eye-One Display package lets the creative professional calibrate and profile their computer displays quickly, reliably and inexpensively. This enables them to see the colors they expected and make reliable decisions about color based on what they see on screen. The Eye-One Display package includes a new, compact color measuring device users can quickly and easily attach to any CRT or LCD display and Eye-One Match 2.0 color management software for monitor profiling. It requires no additional mounting hardware and is extremely easy to use. Eye-One PHOTO: The new Eye-One Photo package is designed for digital photographers who need consistent, reliable color for monitors and digital RGB printers. It ensures they can view accurate color on-screen and deliver finished prints and files to their clients that accurately and consistently reproduce the colors they intended. The Eye-One Photo package includes the award-winning Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer with new ambient light measuring capabilities, mounting hardware for CRT and LCD displays, plus Eye-One Match 2.0 software for monitor and RGB printer profiling. Eye-One PUBLISH: A color management solution for ad agencies, graphic designers and publishers involved in print production. It includes the Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer with new ambient light measuring capabilities and Eye-One Match 2.0 software for calibrating and profiling all types of monitors, scanners, and printers. Eye-One Publish thereby ensures consistent color reproduction from input (scanner) to display (CRT, flat screen) to proof to final output on any RGB or CMYK printer. Eye-One BEAMER: .Previewed last year at Photokina in Germany, Eye-One Beamer is the first easy-to-use portable solution that independently calibrates and profiles both digital projectors and all types of monitors to ensure accurate color from display to screen. Designed for the creative, non-technical users, Eye-One Beamer is invaluable for photographers, corporate executives, ad agencies, designers, and A-V firms alike. The Eye-One Beamer package includes the Eye-One Pro measuring device, a new Eye-One Beamer holder for positioning the Beamer on a projector, plus Eye-One Match 2.0 software – all in a convenient carrying case. Full upgrade paths The new Eye-One color management product line-up provides full upgrade paths so designers new to color management can start with Eye-One Display monitor profiling, for example and later upgrade to Eye-One Photo, Eye-One Publish and Eye-One Beamer using consistent software and user interface. All Eye-One Display packages will be shipped with a $200 USD voucher (representing 80% of the original purchase price) that can be used towards the upgrade purchase of any other Eye-One solution package – and the buyer keeps the Eye-One Display. Eye-One Match software is easy to upgrade with a purchased access code –no need to reinstall or learn new software. Please refer to the www.i1color.com for full program details. New Ambient light head The Eye-One Pro measuring device found in Eye-One Photo, Eye-One Publish and Eye-One Beamer packages includes a new ambient light head for measuring and capturing ambient light. It allows users in photographic or print production workflows to evaluate how lighting in other settings will impact their work; they can also use the device to verify the color temperature of light booths. The new ambient light head can initially be used with GretagMacbeth’s FREE Eye-One Share 1.3 software which will be available for download mid-April from www.i1color.com - Freeware. New features in Eye-One Match 2.0 software: · Eye-One Match 2.0 boasts a new graphical user interface which has been redesigned for even greater simplicity. The software includes a new history section for quick identification of where you are in each step of the process, plus easy to follow on-screen help guides – no extra manuals are needed. · A new “Easy” mode provides predefined settings and automated processes for monitor and digital projector profiling. It is ideal for users that are new to color management or who don’t have the time or need to develop customized settings. Minimal user interaction is required, so beginners can achieve reliable, consistent results immediately. · The advanced mode gives users access to customized settings for the best possible result. The advanced mode of Eye-One Match 2.0 also gives users a “native white point” option so the user can leave the white point of the monitor as is allowing for fully dynamic range of color · New features when building printer profiles include automatic detection of RGB or CMYK printers and the ability to print test charts directly from software application – no need to launch separate program. There is also improved chart cropping functionality found in the Scanner module. Pricing and availability The new Eye-One product line will begin shipping on mid April in versions compatible with Macintosh Classic, OS X and Windows 2000 and XP platforms. List prices for the individual packages are as follows: · Eye-One Display $249 USD · Eye-One Photo $1495 USD · Eye-One Publish $2695 USD · Eye-One Beamer $1595 USD Special Promotion on current products Beginning March 3, GretagMacbeth will offer the current Eye-One Pro with Eye-One Match solution at a special discount price of $2395 USD. Current list price is $3090. Promotion will be extended until new solutions begin to ship. Contact local dealer for details