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IDEAlliance: Tool improves relationships in the entire print media supply chain

Press release from the issuing company

ALEXANDRIA, VA (February 25, 2003) - IDEAlliance announces the publication of The Business of Digital Production in the Graphic Arts, 2nd Edition - a current and future road map to the responsibilities, liabilities, and flow of work in an end-to-end digital production environment. The Business of Digital Production in the Graphic Arts is a thought-provoking and indispensable management compass that can point the way through the uncertain terrain of responsibility in an all-digital workflow. The 60-page book is aimed at management-level professionals in all aspects of print media and all participants in the production chain: media buyers, designers, agencies, prepress services, publishers, and printers. The publication was conceived, developed, and written by the Industry Policy and Direction Committee of IDEAlliance. The mission of the Industry Policy and Direction Committee is to create a united voice for the graphic arts industries on digital production issues, with primary concern regarding the exchange of data and communications between organizations in the production chain. The first edition was published in 2000 and the current edition has been expanded to include the many recent changes in workflow and responsibilities. More than 80 professionals throughout the print media supply chain have been involved in the development, writing, and editing of the 2nd Edition, and the publication received extensive review and comment during the SPECTRUM 2002 Conference. Ed Bacsik, Vice President & Division Manager, Perry Judd's, and chair of the IDEAlliance Industry Policy and Direction Committee said, "The benefits of the changing technology have been embraced by the graphic arts industry so rapidly since the first edition was published. IDEAlliance members saw the need to update the text to reflect the wholesale changes in workflow responsibility. In the process of keeping the information parallel to new technologies, we've added value by making this more succinct, more readable, and easier to absorb." David J. Steinhardt, President & CEO of IDEAlliance, said, "The Industry Policy and Direction Committee of IDEAlliance modeled the workflow in The Business of Digital Production in the Graphic Arts through functional steps rather than industry segments. This approach to modeling clearly identified cost elements, responsibilities, check and inspection requirements, and the role of calibration of standards. This IDEAlliance tool will improve every company's relationships along the entire supply chain." Copies of The Business of Digital Production in the Graphic Arts can be purchased through IDEAlliance as either a one-color plus black text printable CD version or a spiral bound black and white text version for $29.95 (IDEAlliance member price; $49.95 for nonmembers) or both for $39.95 (IDEAlliance member price; $59.95 for nonmembers), including shipping and handling. Go to www.idealliance.org/bdp or call 703.837.1096 to order.