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Alwan Color Expertise Launches Version 3 of CMYK Optimizer

Press release from the issuing company

Lyon, France - July 17, 2007 - Alwan Color Expertise, a world leader in standardization and implementation of color management, will release in September version 3 of CMYK Optimizer, the optimal solution for color preflighting, standardization and optimization for CMYK separations and data.  CMYK Optimizer helps customers achieve optimal print quality and proof matching while simultaneously reducing print costs.

Version 3 further expands on Alwan CMYK Optimizer's technological advantages, through its full support of the latest ICC color management system, Adobe PDF v8 library and state-of-the-art Alwan Dynamic DeviceLink Profiles.  It will debut at Graph Expo, Chicago in September 2007.

Alwan CMYK Optimizer v3 offers many innovative and unique features, including:

- New Press Calibration Option.  Alwan CMYK Optimizer v3 enables prepress operators to use either the TVI (Tonal Value Increase) calibration method, NPDC (Neutral Print Density Curve) calibration method, or ICC based method to calibrate presses according to ISO 12647-2/3 and GRACOL specifications. This insures that output files are optimized to standardized printing presses, resulting in improved quality and shorter makeready time.

- New Image Enhancement Technology allows Alwan users to enhance individual images embedded in their PDF files.  Alwan Image Enhancement Technology includes intelligent algorithms that will improve the visual appearance of all images using Alwan's unique, image-dependent approach. This technology includes dynamic contrast, sharpness and color saturation, among other features.

- Integration and Full Support of the Latest Adobe PDF Library v8.0 for comprehensive and industry standard PDF handling.  Alwan Color Expertise and Datalogics, Inc., an Adobe® Portfolio Company, recently signed a licensing agreement enabling Alwan to embed true Adobe PDF technologies into its AlwanColorHub framework and CMYK Optimizer Software. Use of the Adobe PDF Library 8.0 allows Alwan software to fully support the latest Adobe PDF specification, handling and color management, including PDF 1.7.

- Pantone PMS Colors for improved color rendering and dot gain management.

- Support of the Latest Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications and guidelines for PDF color management and handling, ensuring files from Alwan CMYK Optimizer comply to this standard.

 - Support of the Latest ICC v4 Specifications and Requirements.

- New HTML-Based Interface allows users to monitor and control Alwan CMYK Optimizer production workflow remotely from any computer connected to the Internet, using any popular browser.

-  Improved processing speed to improve workflow productivity.

Elie Khoury, founder and President of Alwan Color Expertise is excited about the new features: “It's all about controlling color at every stage of the workflow, where standardization is key.   With version 3, Alwan takes CMYK Optimizer to the next level by providing tools to assess and standardize files, proofs and prints automatically.  This results in faster makereadies, better, more consistent proof matches and noticeable reduction in print cost.  An increasing number of companies are adopting ISO 12647 as a standard for graphic arts.  Color management, and specifically ICC-based color management, is one of the layers on which ISO standardization can rely and work efficiently within fully digital workflows. Version 3 makes it happen!”

Alwan CMYK Optimizer enables design and prepress companies to quickly and accurately produce documents for problem-free printing. Printers gain the ability to control and improve the printability of jobs by optimizing separations according to the process, press and paper used. Files standardized using CMYK Optimizer generate accurate proofs that are easy to reproduce on press while facilitating optimal printability.

The need to standardize and control color at every stage of production has taken Alwan and its unique color management software into a wide range of markets. The company is active with printers (CMYK Optimizer Print, Print Gold and Print Platinum editions) as well as photographers and publishers (Photographers and publishers (CMYK Optimizer Photo and Publish editions). Alwan CMYK Optimizer v3 provides tailored solutions for each set of users.

In addition, a number of companies have valued Alwan's technologies and established OEM relationships with the company, either bundling Alwan products or integrating Alwan technologies. Alwan continues to further expand its partnership strategy with OEMs supporting ISO Standards and ISO standardization globally.  Recently new partnerships were announced with industry leading companies in PDF, workflow, data, prepress, soft proofing and hard proofing applications such as Dalim Software, Datalogics, Enfocus/Artwork Systems, Gradual Software and PerfectProof.

With the new calibration features in CMYK Optimizer version 3, Alwan is strengthening its market position as a company focused on standards.  The new version allows users to not only standardize their data, but also to standardize their presses following the AlwanColorHub framework, a comprehensive and powerful application that allows users to choose the type of color processing they need to apply to their images and files in a very simple and modular way.

Availability & Pricing
Version 3 will be commercially available as of September 9, 2007, at a purchase price of €1,990/$2,590 for the Photo version, or €4,990/$6490 for the Publish version. Print versions and upgrades will be available through the many Alwan official resellers and consultants worldwide. Alwan has expanded its network of value added specialists over the past few of months and has also relaunched a new website to promote the new products and partners. More info can be found at www.alwancolor.com.   Alwan and version 3 of CMYK Optimizer will be featured at Graph Expo 2007 by US reseller La Crosse Litho in booth 4868.