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Apago Piktor 3.0 Tools Simplify Complex File Conversions for Print Production

Press release from the issuing company

Alpharetta, GA; November 19, 2002 — Apago, Inc., a leading developer of workflow efficiency software, today announced the immediate availability of enhanced versions of its powerful Piktor file conversion software that let prepress and print professionals easily convert graphics files interchangeably between different workflows. Two versions of Piktor are now available. Piktor 3.0 makes it easy for advertising, prepress and print production users to view and convert raster, PDF and PostScript files while modifying key characteristics, such as format, resolution and color, for specific production requirements. Piktor 3.0 includes an industrial strength PostScript Level 3 and PDF 1.4 compatible RIP. The other version, Piktor 3.0 CEPS, converts Scitex Brisque and TIFF-IT files to efficient, compact PostScript, PDF and PDF/X formats, enabling CEPS users to exchange files with modern workflow systems. An optional RIP module is available for Piktor 3.0 CEPS that can convert PostScript and PDF to CT/LW formats. Piktor 3.0 and Piktor 3.0 CEPS have been designed to solve a wide variety of workflow problems—automating digital advertising, PDF and copydot workflows, color managing images using ICC profiles, generating JPEG, PNG and TIFF file formats for remote soft proofing, thumbnail generation for asset and content management systems, and printing through color copiers, digital printers or other specialty devices. Users of previous versions of Piktor include Brown Printing Company, magSend, Printable, RE May and Time Magazine. Piktor 3.0 and Piktor 3.0 CEPS have already been installed at U.S. News and World Report, Kirkwood Printing and several other locations. "Piktor 3.0 and Piktor 3.0 CEPS are the first affordable, and nearly universal, file conversion tools and should be in every graphics professional’s toolkit," said Apago president Dwight Kelly. "These new versions of Piktor make it possible for anybody who works in graphics production to convert freely between raster, PostScript, PDF, PDF/X and CEPS workflows." Conversion, Compression and Color Handling The two versions of Piktor 3.0 combine several of Apago’s sophisticated conversion and compression technologies to support reliable conversions between more than 15 file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PS, EPS, PDF, DCS, PDF/X, TIFF/IT, Brisque and Handshake CT/LW. Powerful new features include the ability to recombine color-separated PostScript and PDF files, color correct images using ICC profiles, and modify image resolution. Piktor 3.0, also features a high resolution image viewer, sophisticated spot color handling, and support for the popular PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 formats. Piktor’s image viewer allows users to easily open, zoom and pan through large hi-res images for on-screen viewing and proofing. Information palettes display image format, resolution, page size, color values and measurements. The program’s simple interface allows users to convert individual graphics files manually, or to easily set up one or more Hot Folders for automatic file conversions. The Piktor 3.0 RIP also supports optional antialiasing, halftone screening, plus the ability to apply device linearization curves and to perform preflight checks for common problems such as missing fonts, OPI, and RGB colors. Platforms, Availability and Pricing Piktor 3.0 for advertising, prepress and print production is priced at $2,500. Piktor 3.0 CEPS is priced at $3,500 with the optional RIP module selling for $1,000. Each version of Piktor 3.0 runs on Windows NT4, 2000 and XP and requires at least 128MB of RAM. Both versions of Piktor 3.0 are available immediately and can be purchased from the Apago on-line store at www.apago.com. The company also sells its technology through distributors, dealer and OEMs. Dealer inquiries are welcome.