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JETimage ProPlus 5.0 with Enhancements and Features for Copy Professionals

Press release from the issuing company

October 31, 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark -- Contex Scanning Technology, the leading manufacturer of wide format monochrome and, color scanners, and related productivity software, has introduced a new scan-to-print solution-JETimage Pro+ 5.0. Contex will now include with every scanner purchased its JETimage Lite with an activated 30-day trial version of JETimage Pro+ 5.0. In the JETimage Pro+ version, users will have the chance to experience improved responsiveness with the User Interface and "One-Touch" buttons and improved logics for printing large files spooling to the printer where memory is limited or difficult to handle. The capabilities of the Pro+ version over the Lite version include; Automatic image size detection, reduction and enlargement, Scan-to-Print or Scan-to-file capabilities. Building on the features of previous versions, JETimage Pro+ 5.0 provides increased scaled resolutions of up to 2400 Dpi on a Contex Chameleon 25 PLUS, Chameleon 36 PLUS, Cougar 25 PLUS, Cougar 36 PLUS, Crystal Tx 40 PLUS, Chroma Tx 40 PLUS and FSC 8050 Magnum scanner. New features in this product release include: * Two new preset copy options have been added to support CAD users; one for color and one for monochrome * Enhanced printer support for the Canon BJW-7200 and 8 color printing on the ENCAD NovaJet 850 * An added simplified process to setup "outer margins" for difficult to manage situations "JETimage Pro+ 5.0 is one of the most powerful tools available today providing copy professionals the opportunity to effectively compete in areas such as reprographics, quick printing and copy shops and the graphic arts," states, Thomas Weldingh, Sales & Marketing Director. Additionally, firms involved in engineering, architecture and manufacturing are just a few of the businesses that are discovering the unlimited potential of adding a wide format scanner along with the new JETimage Pro+ 5.0 to their organization and the savings that this solution provides their organization. JETimage Pro+ 5.0 incorporates many new powerful features like synchronous printing to multiple printers for added productivity, on-screen color corrections for color proofing, auto size detection of scanned images, new advance on-screen cropping and de-skewing features. Furthermore, Contex has enhanced the paneling and nesting features to automatically optimize and minimize paper usage as well as, keeping track of copy usage through our easy to use accounting system. All the basic features such as scaling, number of copies, collated sets creation, printing, previewing, scan-to-file, and file-to-print have been improved, together with user options for metric/US standard, RGB/CMYK color space.