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Quad/Graphics Expands Executive-Level Management

Press release from the issuing company

With the Appointment of Three Regional Vice Presidents of Sales Appointments Fortify Printer's "High-Touch" Approach to Customer Service PEWAUKEE, Wis.- Nov. 5, 2002-- Quad/Graphics has enhanced its executive-level management with the appointment of three Regional Vice President of Sales, all of who report directly to Joel Quadracci, Vice President of Print Sales. Timothy Ohnmacht has been appointed Vice President of Midwest Sales, Robert Wachtendonk has been appointed Vice President of East Coast Sales, and Renee Lekan has been appointed Vice President of West Coast Sales. According to President and CEO Thomas A. Quadracci, each vice president will pair his or her knowledge of Quad/Graphics' capabilities with marketplace needs to strategically expand the company's print business while enhancing client satisfaction. "As we continue to grow ever larger - and capture an increasingly larger share of the print market - we need to ensure we maintain our high-touch approach with clients and prospects," he said. "Within their regions, Tim, Bob and Renee will build on our long practice of developing close, personal relationships with clients so that we remain responsive to their needs, even before they know they have a need." Mr. Ohnmacht, Mr. Wachtendonk and Ms. Lekan will work closely with each Sales office leader and coordinate their sales efforts under the direction of Joel Quadracci, who, as Quad/Graphics' Vice President of Print Sales, has overseen sales activities for the company since 1999. "Together, we will map the future of sales at Quad/Graphics, increasing our presence in every market we serve, and maintaining a hallmark of our sales approach: one-to-one, meaningful relationships," Mr. Joel Quadracci said. "In today's competitive marketplace, trust is a key factor in making and keeping a sale, and we build trust through fostering personal relationships within all levels of a client's organization." IN HIS ROLE AS VICE PRESIDENT OF MIDWEST SALES, TIMOTHY OHNMACHT will be responsible for the operations of the Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Minneapolis and Sussex Sales offices. A nine-year veteran of Quad/Graphics, Mr. Ohnmacht most recently served as Manager of the company's New York City Sales office as well as a National Sales Manager for Parcel Direct, Quad/Graphics' parcel-expediting subsidiary. As Vice President of Midwest Sales, Mr. Ohnmacht will continue to fulfill his role as a National Sales Manager for Parcel Direct. He will move from New York City to Quad/Graphics' Wisconsin headquarters. IN HIS ROLE AS VICE PRESIDENT OF EAST COAST SALES, ROBERT WACHTENDONK will be responsible for the operations of the Atlanta, Boston, New York City and Washington, D.C., Sales offices. Most recently he served as a Sales Director, responsible for business development efforts in Quad/Graphics' Dallas, Los Angeles and Seattle offices. A 14-year veteran of the company, Mr. Wachtendonk has spent the majority of his career in Sales, and is credited with starting up the East Coast office of Quad/Text, the company's desktop publishing division (now part of Quad/Imaging). He will move from Seattle to New York City. IN HER ROLE AS VICE PRESIDENT OF WEST COAST SALES, RENEE LEKAN will be responsible for the operations of the Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle Sales offices. Most recently Ms. Lekan served as Manager of the company's San Francisco Sales office. A 14-year veteran of the company, Ms. Lekan pioneered the Imaging Sales position and, through her exposure to many facets of the business, is intimately familiar with the company's integrated Sales and Customer Service functions. She will conduct her work from her current base of San Francisco. TIMOTHY OHNMACHT During his nine-year tenure at Quad/Graphics, Mr. Ohnmacht has guided business development activities through several key sales roles. For the past year, he has served as Quad/Graphics' Manager of New York City Sales, overseeing the company's largest sales office. Immediately prior, he was Quad/Graphics' Manager of Chicago Sales, responsible for business development, as well as servicing several domestic and international accounts. Fluent in Spanish, Mr. Ohnmacht helped establish the company's International Sales and Production department in the mid-1990s. In that role, he researched overseas joint-venture partners as well as introduced domestic clients to Quad/Graphics' existing international partners in Argentina, Brazil and Poland. In 2001, Mr. Ohnmacht extended his sales and business acumen to Parcel Direct, Quad/Graphics' parcel-expediting business, when he was promoted to National Sales Manager for Parcel Direct. Today, he continues in this role, helping members of the Parcel Direct Sales team promote the advantages of the company's ground-residential parcel-expediting business. A graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mr. Ohnmacht holds bachelor's degrees in economics and Spanish. ROBERT WACHTENDONK Mr. Wachtendonk has been instrumental in advancing Quad/Graphics' regional and national sales strategy during his 14-year career with the company. Most recently, Mr. Wachtendonk served as a Sales Director, responsible for business development in the Dallas, Los Angeles and Seattle Sales offices. Simultaneously, he serviced many high-profile accounts from his home base in Seattle. Prior to moving to Seattle in 1996, Mr. Wachtendonk worked as a Sales manager in Quad/Graphics' Minneapolis Sales office for three years. Before dedicating his career to Sales, Mr. Wachtendonk worked as a desktop publishing specialist in the company's Quad/Text division, and is credited with launching Quad/Text's East Coast office in 1989. (Quad/Text, which assists clients with transitioning to and/or updating desktop publishing systems, is now part of Quad/Imaging.) A graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin, Mr. Wachtendonk holds a bachelor's degree in industrial technology with a concentration in graphic arts management. RENEE LEKAN During her 14-year career at Quad/Graphics, Ms. Lekan has strengthened the company's service and business development efforts on both the East Coast and West Coast, as well as in the Midwest. For the past two years, she has served as Manager of San Francisco Sales, responsible for directing the sales and service activities of the burgeoning West Coast office. Previously, she spent six years as a member of the company's Washington, D.C., sales force. Shortly after joining Quad/Graphics in 1986, Ms. Lekan lent her expertise to Quad/Marketing Inc. (QMI), the company's coupon division, where she purchased sheetfed printing services and assisted in layout. When QMI was sold to News America in 1988, Ms. Lekan continued on with the venture, selling coupon space from offices in Chicago. She rejoined Quad/Graphics in 1990 as the company's first dedicated Prepress Sales representative, working from the Sussex, Wisconsin, Sales office. She transferred into Corporate Sales in 1993. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Ms. Lekan holds a degree in journalism and a minor in advertising.