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Oce Announces Success and Availability of Oce InvisiVision

Press release from the issuing company

-Invisible Ink Marking Solution ANAHEIM, CA -- October 28, 2002 -- Oce, a leader in digital document management and delivery technology, announces general availability and successful introduction of the Oce InvisiVisionTM invisible ink marking solution, the industry’s first solution for printing invisible control marks. Oce InvisiVision provides a non-intrusive means of adding information to printed documents using inks that are not visible in ordinary light. Invisible ink marking gives customers the ability to embed customer specific metadata in bar codes on a printed document without detracting from the document’s intended purpose. Oce InvisiVision allows customers to monitor jobs and documents throughout the document lifecycle ensuring integrity and quality. In a document production environment, Oce InvisiVision performs the same functions as visible barcodes, but with significant advantages. Users can print information-packed 2D and linear barcodes to drive intelligent pre- and post-printing processes and enable piece- and job-level tracking without detracting from the visible appearance of a document. The invisible control and security marks can be placed anywhere on a page for unparalleled flexibility in personalized document design and production, while simultaneously reducing redesign time and costs. Additional benefits include reduced waste and simplification of workflow, as users no longer have to be concerned with trimming marks off before documents are finished. Oce InvisiVision can benefit other areas of an organization as well. Accounting departments can track incoming remittance documents to automate accounts receivable processing. Marketing departments benefit by capturing demographic and other response information that can be used to develop future campaigns with higher effectiveness. The customer service department can achieve higher satisfaction levels by eliminating the need for a respondent to provide redundant information, such as name or address in a form or survey. InvisiVision can include all of this vital additional information without sacrificing the look and feel of a document. Collected data can also be transmitted for use in production reports, audit trail generation, proof of mailing and security assurance. When coupled with Oce’s PRISMAauditTM document management solution, the marks applied by Oce InvisiVision provides the ability to monitor and track daily production from the job level down to the individual document page. This enables print production and direct mail shops to generate detailed, accurate reports complying to US Postal Service manifest standards – virtually eliminating the risk of fines while ensuring each recipient’s document was properly produced and mailed. At Xplor 02, Oce is demonstrating personalized statements using the InvisiVision print solution which was developed through a partnership with Videk, Kern International and Sefas. The workflow demonstration showcases an application data stream produced by Sefas which is then produced on a new Oce VarioStreamTM high-speed continuous form printer. Once produced, the form is then passed through the Oce InvisiVision system where the invisible control mark for finishing controls and document tracking is produced. Then, Kern International, the finishing vendor, will read the invisible marks to control the inserting equipment and process the forms in their booth. The application will feature marketing messages from each vendor involved in the workflow process. "Barcodes and other marks for document tracking and integrity checks have been widely used for many years. However, the price you paid was the consumption of valuable document real estate," said Robert Raus Jr., director of solutions marketing for Oce Printing Systems, USA. "Now intrusive barcodes are no longer obstacles to greater document integrity and security. Oce InvisiVision will stimulate more companies to benefit from document tracking and data capture automation. Many leading finishing vendors, such as Böwe, Pitney Bowes and Gunther, have been able to read and process invisible ink control marks for several years. Oce is the first print vendor to provide invisible marking capabilities for variable data in the production printing environment. The result will be a higher level of document integrity and security and well as significant improvements in document aesthetics than ever possible before." This breakthrough technology offers a real-time method for printing and verifying invisible ink marks for high-speed imaging of OCR, linear and 2D barcodes and other symbologies. Oce InvisiVision prints at speeds up to 50 inches per second at 600x300 dpi quality. A powerful, integrated camera-based system verifies the marks to ensure image integrity for post-print document handling and data capture devices. The plug-and-play solution can be easily integrated into a print process, and just as easily removed when the capability is not needed. Oce is demonstrating the InvisiVision solution in booth 632 at Xplor 2002. Addition demonstrations for invisible ink printing solutions can be found at Videk, an Oce partner, at booth 554. Kern is demonstrating automated finishing using invisible control marks at booth 654. Sefas provides document composition solutions and can be found at booth 1212.