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ANCHOR SOFTWARE Releases MaxPrint version 3.0

Press release from the issuing company

(Rockville, MD -- October 10th, 2002) ANCHOR SOFTWARE, LLC, a leading provider of data processing software for the direct marketing and document design industry, today announced the release of MaxPrintTM version 3.0, which includes its completely re-developed and enhanced WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) MaxDesignerTM interface. The MaxPrintTM 3.0 software system provides for the latest innovations in direct mail letter creation and printing and offers many improvements and features over the prior versions of Anchor‚s MaxPrintTM and LetterWriterTM Systems. As part of licensees on-going maintenance, MaxPrintTM 3.0 will be shipped in the next few weeks, and is now available for evaluation by potential users of the system. The all-new MaxDesignerTM module provides a powerful interface that incorporates a WYSIWYG editor, which is faster and more functional than the prior version. MaxDesignerTM has been enhanced with improved graphics and text placement tools and rotation options, as well as frame-specific programming logic, before and/or after text or graphical placement. You can toggle between the graphical display and an all-new logic view, with the option of editing either one. With a newly developed conversion tool, you can now automatically convert LetterWriterTM control books to MaxPrintTM 3.0 control books. „This provides for an easy transition for LetterWriterTM licensees that have as many as thousands of control books that would need to be manually converted (reprogrammed) without this tool‰, said Gary Siegel, President of Anchor Software. In addition to MaxPrintTM's innate ability to easily design documents and optimize printing on Oce, Xerox, IBM, Nipson, and any PCL5 printer, MaxPrintTM users have the ability to take full control of fonts with point sizes defined in tenths of a point, variable font weighting to make fonts lighter or darker in small increments or in standard weights, inner-character spacing adjustments in a positive or negative direction, and characters underlined in almost any thickness desired. The centralized font management capability unveiled this past summer will be available in this version as well. With MaxPrintTM you can also: - Specify print rotations in tenths of a degree. - Print solid, dotted, or dashed lines. - Control box drawing/variable boxes, boxes with rounded corners and shaded areas. Underline full-justified text. - Print PCX, TIFF, and Bitmap images (currently only black and white line art images are supported in any of these three formats). - Print the negative (reverse) of images. - Change the rotation and size of the image printed without altering the saved image file. About ANCHOR SOFTWARE: ANCHOR SOFTWARE, based in Rockville, MD, is a leading provider of data processing software for the direct marketing industry. For more information, visit the ANCHOR SOFTWARE website at www.AnchorComputerSoftware.com. For licensing information, please call 240-631-2100, or email [email protected].