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Highly Versatile Oce CPS700 Opens Door for More Business Opportunities

Press release from the issuing company

- Short Run Color Printing CHICAGO, IL., October 6, 2002 (GRAPH EXPO-booth # 1848)— Oce Printing Systems USA, Inc., a leader in digital document production, management and delivery technology, strengthens its commitment to the commercial printing marketplace with the Oce CPS700 Color Production System, its most versatile short run color device. The unparalleled functionality of the Oce CPS700 satisfies a host of applications with just one versatile color printer. As a result, users can capture opportunities that have been hindered by less capable devices. For added versatility and volume, users can cluster two or more units for higher volumes or operate them singly for short run color work. Operations gain the advantage of high volume capacity without the investment in limited, single-purpose equipment. "Commercial printers face the dual challenge of doing their traditional work better, plus adding new capabilities to keep up with customer demand and a competitive marketplace," said Carl Joachim, vice president of marketing for Oce Printing Systems USA, Inc. "Our commitment, as demonstrated by the remarkably versatile Oce CPS700, guarantees that our customers will have the technology they need in configurations exactly suited to the job at hand." Color is a "must have" capability for today’s competitive commercial printers, but the diversity of applications demanded by their customers has made it difficult to acquire and maintain all the technology needed to support the variety of work. Oce helps commercial printers achieve greater success with color systems capable of supporting a wide range of applications, materials and volumes. With the Oce CPS700, companies can get more output from fewer resources. In addition, staff need only be trained on one system to handle a wide variety applications. Consumables, service and maintenance are also greatly simplified. Broad Application Support Increases Profitability The Oce CPS700 offers outstanding features to meet the increasingly varied color output needs of short run publishing and other professional printing. As a single system, the CPS700 can handle any number of color applications, including duplex or tri-fold, personalized, or full color. A wide range of media can be used, including textured, 11" x 17" and 110 lb. index stock, all at full rated speed, giving commercial printers more options for their customers. Printers can capture a wider array of higher margin marketing applications, from customized automobile policies to personalized investment newsletters. The system is ideal for direct mail pieces, training materials, corporate brochures, business proposals, presentations, invitations, business cards and other applications in environments that produce 30,000 to 100,000 color prints per month. With such flexibility in their shops, printers can become the "go to" provider for nearly all their customers’ color output needs. The Oce CPS700 also solves storage and inventory issues that have long plagued businesses. Printing and storing large volumes of color documents is not feasible, and more practical short-run quantities are becoming the standard. The CPS700 lets users produce exact quantities of materials cost effectively and reduce the waste associated with large runs and obsolete inventory. Clustering further increases the value of these high-performance devices. Two or more Oce CPS700 units can easily meet the requirements of jobs that demand more output volume, with Oce Doc Works Exec server management software automatically directing workflow. When a clustered configuration isn’t needed, the devices can be used singly and simultaneously for multiple short run color jobs. The versatility gives printers the ability to handle more of the jobs their customers demand, while maximizing investments in equipment and training. Consistent Color Without Recalibration Guesswork The Oce CPS700 uses patented Oce Direct Imaging Technology for consistent color quality within and across print runs with no interruptions for recalibration. As a result, commercial printers incur less downtime, while achieving greater reliability and better user productivity. Even as a clustered configuration, the Oce CPS700 devices maintain total color consistency from run to run, from first print through to last, and from unit to unit. The crisp prints produced on the Oce CPS700 have an offset look and feel. Exclusive Oce Direct Imaging Technology creates a complete image from seven base color cylinders applied directly in a single step without developer. Oce Color Copy Press technology presses the toner into the paper for images free of flaking or cracking. The single step application minimizes costly registration errors and reduces toner usage by as much as 50 percent, helping boost profit margins. Oce is not only committed to quality digital color output, but also to providing tools that simplify the often-complicated process. EFI Fiery workflow management tools let Oce CPS700 users easily merge and edit documents, pull variable data files for customized applications, remotely view and manage jobs, and edit and assemble multi-page documents and booklets with full platform independence. The Oce CPS700 can print and RIP at the same time, and runs at fully rated speeds, regardless of media, simplex or duplex output, or job complexity. Even when running heavy stock, there is no loss of production speed, and virtually no downtime for paper jams, developer maintenance or color recalibration. The system’s ample memory enables users to preprogram and store jobs while others are in progress. Flexible programming further allows printing of a cover on one medium and the body text on another.