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New Data Reveals Lower Printing Costs for NexPress 2100 Users

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO — New data gathered from print businesses using the NexPress 2100 digital production color press reveals lower printing costs and better component performance than Heidelberg's initial projections. The NexPress 2100 press, distributed and serviced around the world through Heidelberg, became available about a year ago at PRINT '01. More than 200 machines have been sold. Last month, Heidelberg Market Centers and NexPress Solutions LLC analyzed data from a large percentage of customers using the NexPress 2100 press. Wolfgang Pfizenmaier, president of Heidelberg's Digital Solution Center, noted that the data revealed important findings in three key areas. ''It shows that printing costs for the NexPress 2100 machine are comparable or better than competing products, with the added value of best-in-class image quality and uptime,'' Pfizenmaier said. ''It proves that the machine is performing beyond expectations, with key components lasting 30 percent longer for experienced customers than the initial projections of our engineers. And it indicates that costs decrease as customers gain experience with the machine, which gives customers maximum control and flexibility over the cost of using the NexPress 2100 press." The customer data revealed several findings, including: -The four ORCs that contribute most to printing costs — blanket cylinders, imaging cylinders, fuser rollers and pressure rollers — are averaging higher yields than Heidelberg originally projected at the machine’s launch. -Experienced users — those customers who have been employing the press for six months or more -- are achieving yields about 30 percent higher than original projections. -The average print costs for experienced users are markedly lower than original Heidelberg estimates and comparable to prices for other digital printing equipment. - Average monthly print volumes for experienced users are approximately 250,000. ''This data is the result of detailed analysis using real-world experience from a large percentage of customers,'' Pfizenmaier said. ''We're extremely pleased with the results of our analysis, which illustrates that the NexPress 2100 press delivers lower costs and higher profitability over time compared with any of our competitors’ products." About the business model Printing professionals who purchase the NexPress 2100 benefit from a business model that helps them achieve greater profits in two ways: -Like a traditional litho or sheetfed press, the NexPress 2100 press gives purchasers direct control over operational costs and offers great profit potential when all costs associated with a press are considered. -Digital capabilities allow them to deliver higher-value, higher-margin printing services, such as quick turnaround jobs, on-demand printing and personalized or fully customized pieces with variable data printing. The model contrasts sharply with competitors' "click-charge'" model, which doesn’t always allow printers to capture the gains created by higher volumes. Pfizenmaier said the analysis verifies that printing costs on the NexPress 2100 are comparable to digital equipment with click charge pricing and can be lower. ''Our customers profit from the ability to control their own costs, and they don't think in terms of pennies per page," Pfizenmaier said. "By conducting this analysis, however, we are able to verify our pricing model and develop new programs that enable customers to achieve higher profitability." About Heidelberg Heidelberg, the world’s largest print media solutions provider, is headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany and employs about 25,000 people around the world. With over 400,000 presses installed at more than 240,000 customer sites around the world, Heidelberg offers the printing industry's largest sales and support network, supporting an installed base of print media technologies in 170 countries. Today, Heidelberg is the only company in the industry that serves as a single source for both digital and offset printing solutions for its customers.