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Corel Launches iGrafx Products for Web-based Collaboration

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iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 and iGrafx Process Central 2003 Make It Easy to Author, Publish and Manage Documents via the Web and Now Offer on-the-fly Browser-based Viewing and Mark up OTTAWA--Sept. 16, 2002-- Corel announced today the immediate availability of two new products for enterprise customers. iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 is a business analysis and communications tool that enables organizations to more clearly visualize, communicate, measure and improve their business processes. iGrafx Process Central 2003 is an enterprise tool for managing process change and improvement, enabling best practices, and fostering business excellence in organizations. Together these iGrafx products provide users with a way to create, manage and share their business process models, change and update them easily, and take advantage of the document management tools available via the repository of iGrafx Process Central 2003 - including version control, approval tracking, link management, access control, and queries, and now with browser-viewable documents. These two tightly integrated software tools can help businesses improve communication, speed decision-making, and keep them competitive in the global market place by presenting information in a clear, quickly understood graphic format. Several new features in both products let enterprise customers publish and manage diagrams on the Web, corporate intranets and extranets. iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 publishes diagrams to the Web, publishes them to Microsoft Office applications, creates cause-and-effect diagrams, auto-zooms to shapes on large diagrams, and updates even large diagrams easily. iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 now includes an installer for the iGrafx Process Central 2003 client giving users a team-based collaborative environment for process management, and a means to view repository documents on the fly using only their Web browser. Together with iGrafx Process Central 2003 and its repository, iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 is the ideal application for combining and transforming an organization's information, data and graphics into highly-manageable, structured business documents, while maintaining version control, audit trails, approval tracking, access control and link management. iGrafx Process Central 2003 also makes documents available from its repository that can be viewed by any user on the fly with a Web browser. "Our customers invest thousands of hours in all sorts of business process improvement projects," said Trevor Morton, director of marketing for Corel Corporation's iGrafx product line. "We want our products to both simplify and improve the productivity of these projects. So we've worked with our enterprise customers to learn how they wanted iGrafx products integrated, what new features were important to them, and what productivity enhancers they needed for their businesses. Their feedback was helpful. Our beta testers have told us that they found our Web wizard helped their productivity, and made it easier for them to collaborate by pushing their diagrams to their companies' intranets." Key New Features in iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 * Web publishing wizard: Allows single-command publishing of iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 diagrams and all supporting documents to the Web. Subdirectory and hyper linked documents are published in an intelligent Java format. Modifying and republishing any of the files only affects the files containing new changes. * Publish to Microsoft Office applications: Export large paginated diagrams to these applications, and each page is published as a separate page in MS Office applications for seamless integration of iGrafx content into text and presentations. Drawings that are spread across multiple pages automatically generate off-page connectors, making multi-page drawings easy to assemble, read and understand. * Cause and effect diagramming: This version brings one of the most fundamental brainstorming management techniques up to date. Users can initialize a worksheet that controls the creation of a cause- and-effect diagram and a Pareto chart - all synchronized to the original data and displayed together to communicate more information faster and make updating easier. * iGrafx Process Central 2003 ready: Installing the iGrafx Process Central 2003 client, that comes with iGrafx FlowCharter 2003, allows users to view documents in the iGrafx Process Central repository using only their Web browsers, and helps transition products from team-centered to department, division-level or companywide projects easily. The iGrafx Process Central repository lets users manage and share their business process models and makes it easy to change and update them, while taking advantage of the document management tools available - version control, approval tracking, link management, access control, and queries. * Deal with large diagrams easily: Dealing with large drawings on the computer screen can be difficult. But iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 makes it easier - simply click on any part of a large drawing to zoom in to view it or update it. Use one shape as an anchor so that other shapes can be easily aligned to it. In addition, any notes associated with a shape pop up as users cursor over them. * Link directly to data sources: By linking directly to company databases, diagrams will automatically reflect the most current state of the organization. Linking to the database means that drawings and data are always synchronized and accurate. New Features in iGrafx Process Central 2003 * Browser viewing and printing: A Web-centric approach lets organizations easily share process information throughout the enterprise, and eliminates the publishing phase to save time and simplify Web management. Existing files link directly to files stored in iGrafx Process Central 2003 repository - so they're automatically updated, even when the objects change names or move. Java technology lets users access these via either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. This gives organizations one up-to-date source for all their shared documents. And users can view them on the fly. * Approval check: Documents can be easily controlled and managed by nominating specific individuals the authority to vote on approving or rejecting documents or changes, while providing a mechanism for reviewing the approval status and monitoring the approval audit trail. This helps assure compliance to organizational, governmental, and process imitative standards such as ISO 9000 2000. * Browser-based annotation: Using only their Web browser, users with the appropriate clearance can view and annotate any document stored in the iGrafx Process Central 2003 repository. Annotations are immediately visible to other users via their Web browser. This speeds communication between team members, makes collaboration easy, and eliminates the need to send attachments via e-mail. It also extends the collaboration process to employees who don't have iGrafx products installed on their workstations, thus enhancing overall company communication. * Access control: An administrator can define access rights to any document or folder in the iGrafx Process Central 2003 repository. The administrator can assign users specific roles for each repository document, which can include a predefined set of permissions - create, annotate, administer, approve, etc. This makes it possible for employees to access only the documents to which they have rights, and only at the level for which they have been approved, and restricts access and printing of documents that are not approved. iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 Gives A Professional Edge In today's wired, fast-paced workplace, clear and high-impact communication is a necessity because business reaction time can make or break a company. iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 provides powerful visual tools with a patented, uniquely intelligent iShapes technology, and professionally designed templates for most business needs that deliver a polished, professional edge and help users at every organizational level communicate ideas and information quickly and more effectively.The sophisticated diagramming power of iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 provides professional-quality diagrams with built-in intelligence that aid critical problem solving and decision-making. It gives employees, middle managers, human resource departments and IT professionals an easy, intuitive way to create process maps, network and software diagrams, organization charts and presentation diagrams, all of which can be easily published to the Web and quickly updated once they're there. It offers a powerful tool to understand and communicate how businesses function. Its easy integration with Microsoft Office also gives users the ability to utilize graphics in documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other applications, to help communicate complex ideas more understandably. In addition, the ability to draw, manipulate and maintain large-scale diagrams with iGrafx FlowCharter 2003, sometimes drawings large enough to cover the walls of an entire conference room, is key to its productivity for documenting and communicating large complex processes found in supply chain management, quality management, customer service and support, new business development, networking and other areas. iGrafx Process Central 2003 Gives the Collaborative Edge iGrafx Process Central 2003 is an ideal tool for team, department and company-wide collaboration. It saves time and enhances productivity by helping companies organize process improvement projects, manage process change, track improvements, and share process knowledge. Once a company has used iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 to visualize, document and improve an essential process, it's easier to communicate this to members of upper management who need to understand the advancements being made, and to coworkers who need to leverage the work. iGrafx Process Central 2003 makes it all possible by storing process information in a common location and delivering a cooperative, process project management platform. Managers and coworkers then have real-time views of business process data, so they can identify and track the progress the team is making, and help with any developing issues. Scalable to the Enterprise The iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 open architecture leverages integrated Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications technology, so companies can extend and integrate iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 with their other business applications. Seamless integration with other iGrafx tools, such as iGrafx Process Central 2003, and the upcoming iGrafx Process 2003 and iGrafx Process 2003 for Six Sigma, provides the scalability and flexibility that lets an organization choose the iGrafx solution that best fits each employee's needs. What's more, Microsoft Office compatibility allows easy movement between these tools, including linking to and from Microsoft Office documents. Pricing and Availability iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 and iGrafx Process Central 2003 are available immediately across North America. They will be available internationally in the comming weeks. The suggested retail price for iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 is US$395. Registered customers of iGrafx FlowCharter Professional 2000 may purchase iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 at the special upgrade price of US$245. The suggested retail price for iGrafx Process Central 2003 is US$14,995. An iGrafx Process Central 2003 starter edition is available, for a limited time, for US$6,995. For more information on iGrafx products, please visit www.igrafx.com.

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