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Imacon Launches New Flextight 2848 Scanner

Press release from the issuing company

REDMOND, WA, March 20, 2002 -- Imacon, Inc., a subsidiary of Imacon AS, today announced the launch of the world's most powerful generation of high-end CCD scanners with the North American introduction of the new Imacon Flextight 2848, the industry's first two-in-one transparency and reflective A3+ scanner. Providing the best repro quality scanning on the market, the unique Flextight 2848 glass-free two-in-one scanner consists of a virtual drum and an electrostatic flatbed. Based on Imacon's breakthrough technology, the Flextight 2848 has active cooling, provides a high non-interpolated optical resolution, and the ability to scan up to 100 Mb per minute – a speed five times faster than its predecessors. The Flextight 2848 virtual drum technology offers non-interpolated optical resolutions from 960 dpi to 6,800 dpi, and can handle transparencies from 35 mm to 12x17 cm, positives and negatives in color and black and white. The Flextight 2848 electrostatic flatbed technology offers non-interpolated optical resolutions from 640 to 3,200 dpi. The unit provides the best quality reflective scans up to A3 size (11_ in x 16_ in), and is capable of scanning transparencies, slides in holders, and reflectives up to 312x445 mm and up to a maximum 10 mm thick. The scanner offers true 16-bit color with a 4.8 Dmax possible in a single-pass scan. It has oil-free mounting and handles both batch scanning and batch image processing. The Flextight 2848 is ideal for prepress, photo and printing operations. The Flextight 2848 utilizes award-winning FlexColor Software, Imacon's first step in its 3f – Flexible File Format – digital data management system. The basic principle behind 3f is the ability to re-use data with total flexibility, always delivering perfect output images, reducing production time and increasing digital database value. About Imacon Imacon Inc is a division of Imacon AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Glunz & Jensen, the world’s leading manufacturer of film and plate processors. Imacon was formed in 1995 to launch the Flextight scanner, which is now one of the most successful scanners in the world with over 6,000 installations. The company is also the manufacturer of the FlexFrame 3020 digital camera back, which is unique within the digital back market in terms of quality, flexibility and functionality.