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Oce Presents Innovations in Digital Printing at IPEX 2002

Press release from the issuing company

Workflow management and flexible printing for graphic arts   Poing, Germany, March 8, 2002 — Oce will be exhibiting at the PrintCity stand at IPEX in Birmingham, where it will be showcasing a range of fast and flexible digital printing solutions. The company will be unveiling the Linux-based version of its production workflow management system PRISMA+PoD. This solution for Oce Demandstream digital presses provides a suite of new functions plus a versatile choice of upgrades and add-ons to give customers genuine protection for their investment. Oce will also be hosting live demonstrations to illustrate the scope and variety of applications that its digital presses can handle: we’ll be running the Oce Demandstream 8090 CX high performance web-fed digital press, the flexible sheet-fed digital press Oce Demandstream 4040 with CustomTone® technology and the Oce CPS700 colour production system for profitability in short-run printing. Investment protection with Oce PRISMA+PoD Oce PRISMA+PoD is a turnkey system solution for the graphic arts industry that builds maximum productivity into the pre-press, press and post-press stages of workflows. Oce PRISMA+PoD is a complete digital workflow system for the Oce Demandstream digital presses. The software and printer ideally complement one another in this productive, versatile and high power solution for market segments that operate just-in-time production. The new version 3 is based on the Linux operating system. Another innovation in this version is Xerox DigiPath connectivity with DP-Connect. This function enables the Oce digital presses to run directly on Xerox DigiPath – a further step towards creating truly open IT architectures. Users can cut their costs with Oce True Proof. Instead of expensive hard-copy proofs, designers can proof their work on-screen with Oce PRISMA+PoD Version 3. This special soft-proofing feature creates a pixel-equivalent image of the print page – recto and verso sides. Shown as a blue image, the verso side is semi-visible beneath the recto, useful for making a quick check of the register and imposition layout and correcting settings. This can be done without bringing the entire production run to a halt; a definite advantage, particularly with the high speed web-fed presses. Special software solutions The IPEX will be Oce’s first showing of its DocSetter software for the “scan and make-ready” stage of the document workflow. DocSetter is used for scanning documents and books, editing them and placing them in the correct register for printing. Teamed with the new Oce Scanstation 650 production scanner, the DocSetter creates a complete scanning solution for professional users. Another innovation that Oce will be showing at IPEX is version 2 of Book-store. The e-procurement solution by Oce, BookStore is a web-based automated order-to-production software system that minimises the transaction overhead for the small orders that are typical in digital production printing. Flexibility is part of the package The Oce-System Demandstream 8090 CX is the solution for web-fed digital printing at a choice of quality levels. Text-only pages are output at a speed of 1,000 ppm; graphic arts quality is printed at up to 700 ppm. Users can alternate between the modes, and making the changeover is a fast, simple procedure. This ability to deliver the right quality for the job and run length makes the Demandstream 8090 CX a highly versatile performer. As part of an inline production line, it can produce saddle-stitched booklets or perfect-bound paperbacks. The Demandstream 8090 CX is controlled by the Oce PRISMA software, which can process all the standard file formats such as Postscript, PDF, TIFF and PCL. The rollout of this system was in January 2002, and the IPEX will be its first public showing in Europe. Oce will be running live demonstrations of jobs such as newspapers, manuals and novels to show how versatile this system is. Impact with colour: Oce Demandstream 4040 CustomTone The Oce Demandstream 4040 combines the performance of digital production printing with the flexibility of a sheet-fed press – now also with Oce CustomTone® standard or custom-developed colours. Balancing the colour with the Oce CPS700 The Colour Production System Oce CPS700 and EFI Velocity Balance software is the ideal combination for users with monthly print volumes in excess of 100,000 pages per month and who need to print on a variety of media. With this combination, Oce now offers higher volume colour print solutions with speeds of 50 ipm and up. Solutions are field upgradable to higher speeds. The unique technology in the Oce CPS700 delivers consistent output quality from the first to the last print, regardless of the length of the job and with-out requiring any calibration. Users have a superb choice of media, and output is always at maximum engine speed. The brilliant colour output is made possible by Oce Direct Imaging technology, which uses seven colours to build a stable monolayer image. Combined with the Oce Press Technology that transfers the image to the media, this delivers output quality with genuine offset look and feel. It also makes lamination and folding much easier, guaranteeing a crisp, professional look for applications such as book covers. The combination of multiple Oce CPS700 systems and Velocity Balance creates a high speed solution with a high degree of flexibility, full engine and controller redundancy with ease of operation and control. The Oce CPS700 can also team up with the Demandstream 8090CX for on-demand book printing: the Oce CPS700 can print the colour covers on a wide range of media. Oce’s development of these dedicated printing solutions reinforces its commitment to the graphic arts industry. As a partner for complete systems, Oce offers a wide range of services, from help on planning the system and integrating it into existing architectures, to professional 24/7 support once the system is in operation. The company operates its own laboratory to test and approve paper types, the objective being to deliver the best possible print quality and productivity with the lighter grammages that are routinely used in the graphic arts industry. For more information about this subject please go to the IPEX pages on www.oce.co.uk.