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Oce Introduces Scan-to-Archive Solution

Press release from the issuing company

Transform your analogue archive into a digital database   Venlo, The Netherlands, March 1, 2002 — The new Oce Scan-to-Archive solution makes it easy for organisations to convert their existing archives of hard-copy technical documents into secure, conveniently accessible digital databases. This offers significant benefits: documents cannot deteriorate or become lost, time searching for the right document is minimised, the need for physical storage and its space demands is eliminated, and sharing of information—increasingly vital for any organisation—is made much simpler and more efficient. Simple conversion to digital archive Converting hard-copy documents to a structured digital database with the Oce Scan-to-Archive solution is a quick and simple process to get your documents under control. Documents or drawings are scanned using Oce’s productive scanners and software, indexed and file information added for searching and retrieval. Then they are imported into the new digital archive. The Oce Image Logic software automatically ensures optimum legibility of scanned documents and drawings, so even difficult originals such as blueprints, photographs and dark copies can always be reproduced with the highest possible quality. Suitable for companies of all sizes The Oce Scan-to-Archive solution can be used by companies of all sizes, whatever their present document archiving processes. Large organisations with a Central Repro department may still have a mix of analogue and digital documents in distributed archives. Where digital PDM systems have not yet been fully implemented, locating and retrieving documents may be a time-consuming process. At the same time these organisations often have to retain their archives for longer periods, for example, for service purposes. Here the Oce Scan-to-Archive solution is an ideal way to convert documents to digital form to facilitate sharing and retrieval. In medium-size manufacturing companies, documents may be stored either as hardcopy or as digital files in native application formats. They may typically be in use in different locations simultaneously, and the lack of a centralised archiving facility means a relatively high risk of documents becoming misplaced or lost. For these organisations the Oce Scan-to-Archive solution offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective opportunity to create a structured digital archive, in which documents can be safely stored and easily retrieved and shared when needed. Other companies such as architects, engineering and construction firms also need to keep documents for extended periods. In these companies documents are typically stored in native format on local drives or workstations, which can make retrieval and sharing difficult. They may have the additional complication of needing to archive signed-off and "as built" analogue documents. Documents may also need to be reproduced on paper at any time, for example, to hand to third parties. Secure digital archiving with fast, easy retrieval Digital archiving of documents and drawings offers secure storage, free from deterioration. Documents cannot be lost or misplaced, and with an appropriate digital backup strategy they are protected from catastrophes such as fire or flood. Once documents have been imported into the digital archive and properly indexed, they can be retrieved quickly by a range of techniques, for example by attributes, "thumbnail" displays or free searching. Users have the assurance that they will always be able to reproduce documents, which is important not only for their business processes, but also to comply with legal demands or service requirements. In combination with the Oce Print Exec print management software, the digital archive provides organisations with a complete, end-to-end solution for document management. Integrated with users’ working processes The Oce Scan-to-Archive solution can be integrated with users’ information infrastructures and working processes, allowing documents to be accessed from CAD, PDM and ERP applications. Oce provides a full range of support to help organisations implement the Scan-to- Archive solution effectively. This can include assessment of the document processes and needs, as well as implementation of the optimum scanning and archiving system. Oce can also provide all the necessary services such as employee training and support during the transition from an analogue to a digital document process.

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