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Corel: DEEPWHITE Launches at Seybold NY 2002

Press release from the issuing company

NEW YORK--Feb. 20, 2002--Corel today unveiled its enterprise strategy during Derek Burney's keynote address at Seybold Seminars NY. As part of Corel's strategy to address the enterprise market, the company has introduced DEEPWHITE. This new brand will deliver solutions for content creation, enterprise process management, and technical graphics. DEEPWHITE is the realization of Corel's plan to deliver enterprise-class solutions to organizations. Supported by a series of strategic acquisitions and innovative software developments, the company is leveraging the strengths of XML (Extensible Markup Language) and other open standards to introduce a new platform for enterprise content creation. Today, the company outlined one of the first components of the DEEPWHITE strategy - the delivery of XML-enabled content solutions. Positioning itself to become a leading player in the content solutions market, DEEPWHITE will significantly impact the way companies create, exchange and interact with content. "DEEPWHITE is developing solutions that will revolutionize enterprise content creation by bringing together different content types into a common, seamless workflow,'' said Derek Burney, president and CEO of Corel. "As standards-based content and Web services converge, smart content will enable enterprise customers to realize new revenue streams that were never before possible. Our content solutions will place the power of intelligent XML content creation directly into the hands of the end user, forever changing the way companies create, exchange and interact with information.'' Large organizations incur high costs related to the creation, management and distribution of content. These costs can be greatly reduced by realizing efficiencies at the beginning of the content life cycle - content creation. Fueled by the Internet, enterprises are accumulating vast quantities of content. Bound by proprietary file formats, most content is static, unintelligent and difficult to re-use or re-purpose. Organizations are reevaluating their digital content strategies, finding new ways of appraising their assets and cutting costs. Enterprises are demanding sophisticated content solutions that deliver real-time, personalized information to any device. DEEPWHITE content solutions are based on the concept of smart content. Smart content is XML-based, highly structured content associated with rules and logic, enabling it to dynamically change in response to its environment, user interaction or data input. This content gives enterprise customers the ability to create content once and distribute it to multiple devices. More than just document publishing, smart content remains dynamic and interactive whether it is delivered to a desktop computer, PDA or cell phone. Smart content removes the inefficiencies and limitations of existing proprietary solutions. It reduces content creation costs, accelerates productivity, and creates new revenue streams by transforming content into interactive applications. "Documentum is the only enterprise content management solution that provides end-to-end services for all types of content, including complete XML content management support,'' said Dave DeWalt, president and CEO of Documentum. "XML is fast becoming the de facto content standard for reuse and exchange, and companies now - more than ever - need the best possible tools for XML creation and management. The DEEPWHITE XML smart content solution, together with Documentum's leading ECM platform, is well positioned to help companies capitalize on the value of their content assets.'' "We believe that Corel's DEEPWHITE content solutions will meet a critical need that we see within the enterprise today - the need to create and share XML content,'' said Jack Jia, CTO of Interwoven. "It is this need that led Interwoven to introduce TeamXML, the industry's first platform for managing XML content at a component level, with all of the functionality expected within an enterprise content management system, including scalable content management services, parametric search, and complete version control. TeamXML is the foundation for next-generation document solutions in the marketplace, and Interwoven looks forward to further collaboration with Corel.'' The DEEPWHITE enterprise content platform will leverage open standards to place the power of intelligent XML content creation in the hands of end users, developers, and designers. This platform includes: * Architectural framework for the production of interactive applications; * Highly customizable and user-friendly XML-based content creation tools for text, graphics, data and layout; * Process management tools; * Web services and components; * Development tool kit that will enable ISVs, VARs, systems integrators and corporate IT departments to build custom enterprise-class solutions to suit their needs. The first products under the DEEPWHITE brand are expected to launch later this year. For more information, please visit www.deepwhite.com. DEEPWHITE DEEPWHITE is poised to be a leading provider of enterprise class solutions for content solutions, enterprise process management and technical graphics. Designed by Corel Corporation, DEEPWHITE is focused on delivering innovative computing solutions based on open standards such as XML. Corel's common stock trades on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol CORL and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol COR. For more information on Corel Corporation, please visit www.corel.com.