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Does Your Data Play Well With Others? GenX xKalibur Teaches Sharing

Press release from the issuing company

February 21, 2002 - Do your applications share data? Do they do it well? Can you mine your data to look for trends and gain competitive advantages? If you can't answer "Yes!" you need GenX xKalibur Version 1, the XML Tagger for all ASCII and Xerox Metacode files. GenX xKalibur and xKalibur-Plus are the first offerings in the new GenX family of XML- based software, marking the return of McGrew and McDaniel to high- quality software production. xKalibur scans your print files or the flat data files generated by in- house or vendor business applications and extracts your critical data using the proprietary GenX pattern matching algorithm. Your data is wrapped in the XML tags that you specify, including industry standard DTDs/schemas or tag sets you develop. xKalibur writes the XML stream to a text file or XML database for later use or passes it to your web- viewing applications. XKalibur's XML is suitable for all interchange and data mining applications. Why XML? Mining traditional print applications is time-consuming and frustrating. Using xKalibur allows you to concentrate on your core business while taking advantage of all the XML promises. The easy-to- use interface creates a one-time setup profile used by the xKalibur server to repeatedly process large volumes of legacy application data and print. Your storage requirements for this type of data can be lowered by as much as 100 to 1! GenX xKalibur-Plus includes the standard GenX xKalibur product plus a pre-packaged web-application for viewing the critical data. A simple wizard helps you to configure the application by specifying location of critical data on the screen and adding boilerplate text as desired. After that, users can register, login, and view critical data immediately using a confidential password. No programming is required to get our application to have your corporate look and feel. Logos, colors, and page layout and graphics are all configurable using our simple wizard. GenX xKalibur provides an out-of-the-box XML viewing application for customers generating large volumes of legacy print that want to make the critical data available to end users or outsourcing customers. For more information contact McGrew and McDaniel directly at: Email: [email protected] Phone: +1 817 577 8984 Fax: +1 817 577 9371