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Proof-it-Online: NEBS Gets Results with Online Proofing Solution

Press release from the issuing company

February 13, 2002 -- Proof-it-Online’s soft proofing technology facilitates proofing via the Internet while allowing clients and their customers, in turn, the ability to view proofs, annotating and commenting back to the person who posted the proof. Additionally, the service creates a detailed record of each step in the process. The service has worked well for New England Business Service, Inc. New England Business Service, Inc. (NEBS) produces hundreds of brochures, forms, posters and sales materials from all over the U.S. on a daily basis. "We try to provide our customers with a total solution for their printing needs," explains Kathryn Amadon, Director of Composition for NEBS’ Custom Printing Division and a Proof-it-Online customer. "By its very nature, the printing and production industry is one driven by deadlines and the need to ensure accuracy with each and every order," states Rob Munz, President of Naples, FL-based Proof-it-Online. "Proofing and the approval process in general is a critical step in that process, one that can get bogged down by faxing profs to clients for review or demand costly overnight deliveries to meet schedule." "We realized we needed a more efficient system for proofing," Amadon said. "Customers began to demand online proofing. We considered using PDF’s, but what we found was that our customer would have to download Acrobat or other similar programs just to access what we were sending them. We wanted a service that would be easy for them to use." "We operate in a high volume environment here at NEBS," Amadon explains. "Proof-it-Online helps us operate more efficiently and more effectively. One of the best things about Proof-it-Online is that it’s extremely user friendly." Through use of the service, the customer gets to see his or her proof in color – something that can’t be shown in a fax alone. Color proofs are expensive and take time to produce, not to mention the time it takes to wait for them to be returned with changes, corrected and sent back out again for final approval. "We’ve received tremendously positive response from clients using the system," says Amadon. What Amadon and her colleague, Diane Chaski, found was it wasn’t enough to just send a proof via the Internet or email, there had to be a record of it, a way to track it, to receive any changes required and to ensure corrections were made before final production. "We realized we couldn’t manage the entire process via traditional email," Amadon says. "That’s when we turned to Proof-it-Online and their soft proofing technology. No additional down load of software is needed for a client to review their work, and it gives us an electronic queue, so we can track work in progress, knowing at what stage of production it’s in at any given point in time." Now NEBS doesn’t have to print out costly color proofs and FedEx or courier them out each day. Most important, the company’s customers perceive the online delivery of their proof as very timely, and that perception is important to customer satisfaction. "It gives our customers a 24-hour-a-day look at their work," Chaski explains. "They can proof things at their convenience and send us comments and changes when it suits them." Continuing she says, "What we’re understanding more and more is that the Internet environment is a collaborative environment. We want to foster that. Up until now, that process has been a static one. Proof-it-Online is changing all of that, and people are liking that change." Amadon concurs, "We’re saving time, energy and expense and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. In today’s marketplace, that’s what it’s all about."