E Ink Introduces New Paper-Like Display Product Line

Press release from the issuing company

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--Feb. 12, 2002-- E Ink Corporation, the leading developer and marketer of electronic ink technology for paper-like displays, today introduced a new product platform for character and segmented display cells used in consumer electronics, portable equipment, signage, fashion accessories, and a broad range of commercial and industrial products. The first products will begin shipping later this year to select OEMs. The company also announced immediate availability of an evaluation kit for product designers and engineers. "E Ink is now marketing its electronic ink-based displays to three distinct market segments,'' said Russ Wilcox, vice president and general manager of E Ink. "We already offer simple Ink-In-Motion animation displays for advertisers and high-resolution flat panel screens for smart handheld devices through our partner Philips Components. The new character and segmented display platform builds the middle range of our product offerings with a medium-resolution capability. Combined, this three pronged approach opens electronic ink to a wide array of customers.'' E Ink's character and segmented display platform offers a fresh alternative to OEMs currently using traditional segmented liquid crystal displays (LCDs), light emitting displays (LEDs) and vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs). "Electronic ink uses less power than a reflective LCD display,'' said Mark Basler, vice president of E Ink's character and segment display platform, "but it's five times brighter and easy to read in all lighting conditions and at any angle. We package all that in a paper-thin and shatterproof display cell, enabling better product ergonomics and new product design possibilities.''