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For True Digital Printing Solutions: De Resolutie Combines Technologies

Press release from the issuing company

January 31, 2002 - "First in – first out" is the motto for Karel de Munck, co-owner of De Resolutie, a Dutch digital printing company with plants in Rijswijk, Capelleaan de Ijssel and Utrecht. "With our combination, consisting of the DICOpress from MAN Roland and our new Ryobi 3404 DI, we can offer our customers all solutions, different qualities and any size required." At the Rijswijk site, the two presses combine the Image One Print One technology (DICOpress) and the Image One Print Many technology (Ryobi 3404 DI). At the other two sites, De Resolutie works with the DICOpress alone. But the new combination has proved ideal for the digital commercial printer: "We offer runs from 1 to 4,000 copies and more, A4 to A2 sizes, sales promotional and point-of-sale merchandizing material, for which we take advantage of the DICOpress special size of 500 millimetres width and the banner length", says Karel de Munck. Up to 50 jobs a day with the DICOpress De Resolutie has been in business for eleven years, and today employs 25 staff. Karel de Munck looks to the future with confidence because he sees himself optimally prepared for it: "We can offer printing quality from a quick proof with simple content through to full offset quality. Our business is colour – four colours or four over four colours – that's our strength and that's where we are pros. Owing to our success with DICOpress in the market of ultra-short runs, we do up to 50 jobs a day." Ultra-short, to Karel de Munck, means runs from 1 to 500 copies. And another aspect of the future printing business is already everyday routine at De Resolutie : 30 to 40 per cent of the orders are received via Internet. So far, marketing via Internet is still a challenge, but it is bound to develop in a positive direction sooner or later, de Munck is sure. Two technologies perfectly complementing each other And this is how jobs are handled at De Resolutie: when an order is received, the first thing is to decide which press to print it on. This depends on run length, quality required, size and the deadline set by the customer. By combining the two technologies, De Resolutie is highly successful in the intensely competitive Dutch market. Karel de Munck puts it to the point: "The DICOpress and the Ryobi 3404 DI are technologies that complement each other perfectly – and there is no conflict between them whatsoever."