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Sony CRTs Bundled with Eye-One Calibration Solution for Designers

Press release from the issuing company

Brussels, 22 November 2001 – Sony's high-end Multiscan CRTs now offer even better value for money for CAD-CAM users, designers and other graphics professionals. The company’s 24 FW900, 21" F520 and G520 are to be bundled with GretagMacbeth’s Eye-One Pro system, which simplifies the color management process and helps ensure consistent color reproduction across a wide range of media. Sony's G-Series and professional-grade F-Series models already feature the award-winning FD Trinitron technology that delivers stunning image at high resolutions. However web-designers, engineers and others can now use the Eye-One Pro tools to ensure that these displays offer accurate, professional-grade color quality. These Sony displays use a variety of advanced technologies to optimise picture performance. Each model combines a minimal aperture grille pitch (the F520’s is a world-beating 0.22 mm) with the L-SAGIC™ (Low power - Small Aperture Grid with Impregnated Cathode) electron gun to provide the smallest possible circular beam spot up to the edges of the screen. This potent blend of superior engineering is complemented by Sony's focusing technologies – DQL (Dynamic Quadrupole Lens), MALS (Multi-Astigmatism Lens System) and EFEAL (Extended Field Elliptical Aperture Lens) in varying combinations, according to the model – to ensure the delivery of a small spot size and true spot shape, right into the corners of the screen. These professional displays also incorporate an anti-reflective high-contrast (Hi-Con)™ black screen that absorbs the ambient light. This helps improve contrast and clarity creating more vibrant colors. The “Image Restoration and BLC/BDC Functions” brings the user long life image quality, which is very important for the professionals. GretagMacbeth is a global leader in color measurement and color management solutions. With the Eye-One Monitor measurement device, and the included Eye-One Match software, displays can be calibrated and profiled very easily through a simple “wizard-like” interface. Once profiled, the creative professional can use the monitor as a reliable soft proofing color workstation. With the additionally integrated Eye-One Share software, a designer is no longer limited by the colors of their swatch books, but can create and evaluate all the colors of this world! This is made possible based on the fact that the Eye-One Share system defines colors in terms of spectral data, providing a complete color description that can be precisely translated, whatever the lighting environment or media. The created color palettes can then be electronically communicated to the rest of the design team or sent to the customer for approval. There is no need for a physical sample. More color creation tools will be regularly added to the Eye-One Share software, from which updates are distributed free of charge on the i1color.com website! “We are excited to participate with Sony to define new quality and ease-of use standards for the demanding creative professional. To meet the requirements of immediate and web-age deployment architecture, the creative needs a more reliable ‘color centred’ communication channel with his customers and suppliers. By combining Eye-One and Sony technology, seamless color exchanges are achieved, while providing a smooth integration to make "high precision color" never further than one mouse click away." said Francis Lamy, Executive Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Research, at GretagMacbeth. Environment, Service and Support When designing and manufacturing Displays, Sony pays particular attention to the development of environmentally sound products. They are produced in manufacturing facilities certified according to the 'International ISO 14001 Standard for Environmental Management Systems'. Today, ‘Displays by Sony’ are easier to recycle, consume less energy and are produced from materials with the lowest possible impact to the environment.

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